(VSKF024) was born on March 12, 2008 in the Starsky. Her mother was Kinkaju and her father was JD. Her litter-mates were Tigerhawk (VSKM021), Eagle Owl(VSKF022) Eagle Hawk(VSKM023). She was the only female in the litter. Her older sister Jackal gave birth to Howl, Growl, Prowl, VSKP026 and VSKF028. Her two pups VSKP026 and VSKF028 died soon after. Tigermoth and her litter survived. The group split most of the eldest females and male left the group. Fox, Jackal, Hyena, Wind Dog, Raccoon Dog, Eagle, Kanga, DW and Growl split to form a new group. He mother later evicted Dingo, Roo, Kat Dog and Finch who formed a new group. Her father died and Shady took up dominance. Then her mother died. She was the oldest female in the group do she easily won dominance. She was soon joined by Biltong a Young Ones male who had emigrated into the Elveera. She evicted Chocobo, Batty and Bunny. Shady, BJ, JC, AJ, TJ and EJ joined Chocobo, Batty, and Bunny to form a new group. Tigermoth gave birth to her first litter fathered by biltong.


Starsky Mob

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