Tia Archers
Archers and Mountianeers
Formally of the Mountianeers
Date of Birth
Sometime in 2004
Mia and Marnpar
Tulip, Daisy and Grass
Archer and Cody
Scarface, Claw, Snow etc
Known For
First dominant female of the Mountianeers


Tia was born sometime in 2006 in the Archers Mob. Her mother was Mia the dominant while her father was the dominant male Marnpar. Her littermates were Tulip, Daisy and Grass. They were the first ever known litter born in the Archers. Tia and her littermates survived to adulthood and Tia became rebellious. She tried to mate with rovers, and was usually evicted, until in 2010, she was not allowed in the group anymore, along with her sister Tulip.


Fortunately, a Warpath male named Cody found them and they founded a new group. Tia took dominance straight away, ousting Tulip. As the only male, Cody took dominance and she gave birth to Scarface, Claw and Snow. Unfortunately, Cody was ousted by his littermate Archer, the former dominant male of the Archers and took dominance. As she was unrelated to him, Tia mated with him and had many litters with him. However, sometime in 2013, Archer disappeared after getting injured in a fight with an unknown group and was presumed to have died. Fortunately, her old flame Cody returned and took place as dominant male once again. She later gave birth to Blaze, Vixen, Dusk and Mole. Sadly, this was her last litter. Along with Tulip, Tia was hit by a car, leaving the dominant female position to her eldest daughter Snow.

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