Thor Drie Doring


Yes of Ragnarok
Date of Birth
May 3, 2008
Morgs and Lady Hawk
VRKF005, VRKF006, VRKM007, VRKM008, VRKF009, VRKM010, VRKF011, VRKM012, VRKP013, VRKP014, VRKP015 and VRKP016
Known for
Over throwing Finn MacCool
Also Known for
The First Dominant male of Ragnarok

Drie DoringEdit

Thor(VDM024) was born in the Drie Doring group on May 3, 2008. His parents were Makonkie and Osprey. He was born in a litter of 3 pups, his two litter-mates were Mist(VDM025) and Loki(VDM023) . He and his siblings all survived to adulthood. Thor lived the first part of his lfe as a subordinate male in the group. His father Osprey was dominant male of the Drie Doring for a long time. His father Osprey died and Finn MaCool took over as dominant male then his mother Makonkie died and his sister Mist took over as dominant female. Thor then overthrew Finn MaCool and took over as dominant male. He could not breed with Mist but still performed well as the dominant female of the group. He was often seen on sentry. He was proving himself to be a worth domiant like his father. Mist gave birth to some litters in the group, the pups lived. Thor left the group to go roving with hsi brother Loki and Damian and did not return to the group.


The three males formed the Ragnarok Mob. This new group was a composition group formed by many meerkats from many differant mobs. The three male shad joined one Toyota female named Morgs and one Sequoia female named Baby Bear. With in a few hours two more Sequoia females named Lady Hawk and Annie Anne who had been reccently evicted from the Pretenders. Then within a week three more meerkats joined teh small group, one Toyotra female named Spot it and two Lazuli males names Lutzputz and Prieska. Thor became the dominant male within a day of the formation of the group. Morgs wa sthe oldest female so she settled into dominance. On March 26, 2010 Baby Bear gave birth to Gaia, Odin, Angrboda and Prometheus while all the other female slost their litters. Morgs gave birth VRKF005, VRKF006, VRKM007 and VRKM008 on July 12, 2010. Loki and Damina left the group and formed the Warriors within the same month. Morgs gave birth again on September 27, 2010 to VRKP009, VRKP010, VRKP11 and VRKP012. The next month Morgs was killed on October, 23, 2010 during an group encounter with the Barbarians. Lady Hawk took over as the new dominant female and became Thor's new mate. Lady Hawk gave birth on December 24, 2010 to VRKP013, VRKP014, VRKP015 and VRKP016. Thor and FLady Hawk are still the dominant pair today.


Mother: Makonkie

Father: Osprey

Sister: Mist

Brother: Loki

Mates: Morgs and Lady Hawk


Drie Doring Mob

Ragnarok Mob

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