Mad Max Drie Doring

Mad Max

This serious follows the life of the Stormkats mob as they fight for power of control of their manor from some of them's former family watch as they journey through this perilous journey in their stormy manor were a dark cloud always circles them at night.

Nala - The inexperinced dominant female

Simba - The proud and powerful dominant male

Lalana - Nala's rebelling half-sister

Ranjah- Simba's roving cousin

Willie- The greedy uncle

Maxine- The wise one

Kira- The imerging soul

Under the weatherEdit

Meet this group of meerkats, the Stormkats. They are led by the inexperienced Nala and her mate, the powerful Simba. The group was created by evictees and rovers months ago, but the group haven't grown at all.

   Nala's days in dominance only started a month a agp when the carnage began. Her half-Sister Lelana was in control and pregnant. But so were Nala and all the other girls. Nala overthrew Lelana but after killing her sisters and cousins littlers, her litter met their dimiss at Lelana paws. Lelana soon to be born pups are the future now,leaving Lelana still at the center of family's attention. 
 The males in the gang are all related rovers excepts Kango and Willie, brother from a rival group to the south.The girls are sisters who come from the 

Western mob of Meerkats. They joined together in a little piece of land near the Western mob.

 Nala is leads her mob to the only ground they own. There are only small pieces of prey such as ants. Nothing big like lizards, milipedes or beetles.
 Lelana though is bustling in on everyone for the spot to pick. She's hungry and must prepare for her pups birth.
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