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I know there is a bit of Meerkat manor 5 stories on here but I was tempted! Anyway, this is about the Whiskers and their rivals and challegenges.

Meet the main meerkats[]

Sophie - The new leader of the Whiskers. After Rocket dog was hit by a car, Sophie became the leader. She is brave and as dependable as when she was when she was a subordinate. But with odds stacked against her, can she make it through her first year of leadership?

Squeak  - The new partner at Sophie's side, Squeak is the last son of Big si and formally from the Lazuli. However, he went roving and was allowed to join the Whiskers. As Mitch joined the Lazuli Squeak was able to become the new dominant male. He is strong, tough and battle scarred.

Wilson - The envious former mate of Sophie. Jealous that Squeak has Sophie now, Wilson wants to try everything to get her back. Without Phillepe now, Wilson may have to join the Whiskers in order to get his girl back, but can he suceed?

Mitch - Whiskers hero and new dominant male of the Lazuli. Mitch now has a mate to call his own now and is just as heroic as he was in the Lazuli. But with his nephew Wollow becoming a threat, Mitch may not be as stable as he used to be.

Zaphod- The king of the Kalahari and dominant male of the Aztecs. Still loyal and brave, Zaphod still has youth in him. Despite ageing, Zaphod is still looking strong and still helps Maybelline in times of need. But his age is catching up on him, he might not have much years left to live.

Maybelline  - Still the dominant female of the Aztecs, she is bringing up the Aztecs numbers to a health 19. When Zaphod isn't looking, she goes with rovers to make more pups and is no longer a rookie leader. However, there is a problem that may put her leadership into jepordy.

Young- The dominant female of the Lazul. She has currently been ruling for a year now and is stable in her position, unlike her partner Mitch. With her litter coming and Sophie usually leading burrow raids, can she overcome the odds and give birth successfully?

Kathleen- One of Maybelline's daughters, she is the problem that puts Maybelline's leadership into jeapordy. She must be able to overthrow her mother in order to get what she wants and take leadership for herself. But Maybelline has a suprise that might make her dream come crashing down.

Wollow- Mitch's biggest rival and contender for dominance. Leaving the Whiskers along with Mitch. He is ambitious and hungry for dominance. Maybe, if he is successful, Wollow can overthrow Mitch, take dominance for himself and become Young's new man. 

Nugget- The final protagonist and young hero. Rocket dog's only son and now child after Beaker was predated. Nugget is fiesty and likes roving. He is also showing dominant male potential, but the Whiskers may not be the mob he can lead.

And the minor characters[]

These characters only appear once in the story.

Amira- The mother of Juno, who later disappears after being bitten by a snake.

Savuka- The son of Sophie and Squeak, he is a good friend of Nugget.

Rufus- A former Whiskers meerkat, he joins the Lazuli with Mitch and Wollow.

Pickle  - The daughter of Sophie and Wilson, she is now a loyal teenager.

Juno-The son of Amira, he disappears after trying to find his mother.

Miles- The Commandos new general, he leads the commandos in a fight against the Whiskers.

Nikita - The long serving dominant female, she is seen in the fight against the Whiskers.

Bertle: A daughter of Sophie and Squeak, she is loyal to her family.

Flashman - Son of Sophie and Wilson, he is a good friend of Nugget.

General Durrel- Son of Maybelline, he sadly dies.

Major characters

These characters don't have a main role, but are very important to the story.

Zelda- Kathleen's sister, she is her wingwoman and gets in trouble with her. But when both are evicted, can she stay faithful?

Candy Flip- Identidy secret for now.

Alfred - The former dominant male of the Lazuli. After getting kicked out of his family, he got revenge and made his own group.

Yabou- Another secret identidy for now.

Bernard- Alfred's brother and wingman in the group. When Alfred loses his mate, he comforts him, however, after a fight with the Lazuli, he mysteriously disappears. What happened to him?

Bruce- The father of Candy Flip and Yabou. Nothing else known for now.

Rhogan Josh- A friend of Mitch, he stays at his side when Wollow fights him for dominance. I'll think about what will happen to him a bit later.

Axel- How could I forget the adopted Zappa pup? Now all grown up, Axel is now in the Lazuli, but after Mitch and Wollow fight for dominance, he leaves with two other meerkats and meet up with a female.

Seelia- The female that Axel and his gang meet. She becomes Axel's  partner, but can she really be a leader?

Wiley Kat- Sophie's sister, she is still faithful to her and is her wingwoman. However, when Sophie disappears[spoiler alert!], will she take dominance or look for her?

1. A new day[]

It has been a year since we've last seen Meerkat manor. Rocket Dog was sadly hit by a car, leaving brave Sophie as the dominant female. She now has a new man by her side too. Squeak, Big si's last son has taken the position. Mitch has joined the Lazuli and became the dominant male in the group. But with Squeak by Sophie's side, what about her old flame Wilson? He's jealously watching from the sideline. Now with his roving buddy Phillepe dead after both encountered a jackal, Wilson now has to go alone.

Meanwhile, in the Aztecs, Maybelline is now a fully fledged dominant female. She is no longer a rookie leader and has started to show a sneaky side When Zaphod's not looking, she goes mating with rovers. However there has been a problem since her two eldest daughters disappeared. Her third eldest daughter Kathleen. Maybelline must watch her back if she's still going to be dominant female. However the alarm is raised by her son General Durrel. A goshawk is circling overhead. Maybelline leads the Aztecs down a bolthole, but General Durrel is just too slow and is captured in the talons of the bird. It's a bad loss to lose any member, but the Aztecs must move on and continue foraging.

Back at the whiskers, Squeak has spotted someone. It's Wilson, whose trying to make a move. As quick as he can, Squeak begins to charge with a few other males, but Wilson isn't budging. He wants Sophie back and isn't intimidated by them. However, when Squeak reaches him, he launches a viscious attack on him and chases him out of the territory. However, with Squeak still chasing after Wilson, that has lead to another problem. The dreaded Commandos have targeted the Whiskers and with Squeak gone, the Whiskers are a man short. The leader of this operation is Miles. He didn't win the fight for dominance when he fought Baker, but after he died, Miles easily took dominance. He leads the Commandos in a furious charge. Sophie decides it's better to fight than flight. She slams right into long serving dominant female of the Commandos Nikita. Squeak comes back just in time and starts to tussle with Miles. Squeak is able to chase off Miles within a matter of minutes. The other Commandos run after him, including Nikita. This is the first time in a long time that the Whiskers have won against the Commandos. Thanks to Squeak, the Whiskers have no longer lost any territory. This leader will keep his crown for a while now, but can Squeak handle more challenges along the way? That will remain to be seen.

Next time: Wilson tries to get closer and Kathleen starts making more trouble.

2. Wilson's return[]

Previously on Meerkat Manor: It was discovered that Sophie was the new leader along with Squeak. Wilson tried to win her back, but Squeak wouldn't allow it, and after the Commandos attacked, Squeak showed more dominance.

It's morning at the Aztecs and Kathleen is first up. With Abaca and Tofu gone, she has became Maybelline's biggest rival and public enemy number one. She also has been playing a bit dangerously this time. Both her and her mother are pregnant. It would be wise to keep a low profile, but as a dominance seeker, of course all she wants to do is cause trouble! But Maybelline will have something up her sleeve since she currently isn't evicting her. What it is remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, another trouble maker has rudely awakened the Whiskers. It's Wilson. After getting visciously attacked by Squeak yesterday, he's getting revenge the old fashioned way. A good old scrap. He launches his attack with a jawlock. Squeak tries to desprately free himself, but he's facing a former commandos meerkat and another meerkat joins the fight. It's Nugget. He has been showing dominant male potential lately and he wants dominance now. He helps his father with the jawlock. Now with Squeak sandwhiched in between two males, can he fight both of them back?

Meanwhile, things have got uglier at the Aztecs. Not only has Kathleen got pregnant, she is starting to push her boundries, by digging in her mother's hole. Maybelline is now fed up. In an instant, Kathleen and her wingwoman, her younger sister Zelda, are victims of Maybelline's wrath. They have only been stings in her tail for two long. Now with both evicted, she can relax. Kathleen is in shock. This is her punishment for being so troublesome. At least she won't have to face the night alone. She still has Zelda, however as they will most likely never get back into their group, the girls may have to do something about that.

Meanwhile, the fight for dominance is getting even badder. Now not only Wilson, Squeak and Nugget are in the fight, Nugget's friends, Savuka and Flashman are in the fight. Savuka is even Squeak's son, but is still attacking his father, now out of the jawlock. Sophie watches on. Whoever wins this fight will become the dominant male of the Whiskers. Then the first male runs off. It's Nugget. In frustration, he runs away from his birth family and into the unpredictable outside world of roving. He won't be going back to the Whiskers anymore, but there may be a group with open arms, like when his mother reigned.

Next time on meerkat manor: Mitch and Wollow's stories start and the winner of the dominance fight is revelled .

3. A hard time[]

Last time on Meerkat manor: Wilson's envy got the better of him and challenged Squeak to a fight with Nugget, however, after being defeated, Nugget left his family and Maybelline kicked out her two rebellious daughters Kathleen and Zelda.

It's been a week since we've seen the manor and at the Lazuli, Mitch is first up. Now the dominant male of the Lazuli, he has a radio collar, along with his mate Young. However, Mitch isn't in much of a stable position like he was in the Whiskers. His brother Wollow wants top job as well. Not only is his dominance in the balance, Young is pregnant with his pups. If Wollow overthrows him, he can even kill the litter once they're born. Mitch will have to do something so that doesn't become a reality.

Meanwhile, Squeak is nowhere to be seen. He won the dominance fight, but he disappeared a few days later, when he and Amira were bitten by snakes. Amira also disappeared, along with Juno, who bravely went looking for his mother. Flashman and Savuka went roving and also disappeared, leaving the position unknown. Sophie is stresssed, but Wiley kat comforts her. Meanwhile, a jealous face watches them. It's Wilson. With Squeak gone, he could easily take dominance, but he has been warned by the Whiskers boys, so he's keeping his distance. 

A kilometre away, Mitch and Wollow have gone off the rails and they are now fighting. Mitch's friend Rhogan Josh joins the fight too. Mitch bites into Wollow's leg, which will cause a whole lot of pain, however Wollow fights back with a powerful bite to the head. Rhogan Josh helps Mitch by attacking Wollow visciously. After Rhogan Josh gets Wollow off him, Mitch gets back into the fight. He evicts Wollow. Mitch's nephew Rufus and adopted Axel watch on amazed by this heroic king's bravery. It looks like Mitch will keep his crown for longer now.

Next time on meerkat manor: Wollow strikes gold, Nugget's roving leads him to a splinter group and two new bad boys show up on the manor.

4. Wollow's good luck[]

Previously on Meerkat manor: Wollow and Mitch fought for top spot in the Lazuli, while Squeak mysteriously disappeared with a snake bite. Mitch was able to get dominance by evicting Wollow and not letting him back into the group.

It's morning and a lone figure suns himself. It's Nugget. He tried to get both a female and a home at the Commandos, however Miles wouldn't let that happen. Now, Nugget is still by himself and looking for a new home. Once he has finished sunning himself, he gets going. If he wants a family to call home today, he has to make his move now. But where can he find a family he could lead? Only time will tell if Rocket Dog's now only child can carry on her short legacy.

Meanwhile, at the whiskers, a new general watches over his family. It's Sophie's eldest son Gump. Despite being just one year old, Gump is reliable, strong and brave. These are the qualities for a good leader and it's a good time to have a new dominant male. Squeak's last offspring, Pitio, Mark and Devil have been born. They will need all the help they can get now through this precious time. Gump will hopefully pick up where his father left off and maaybe one day, he will have children of his own in a different family.

Things couldn't of been so different for poor Wollow. Once the fierce competitor for the Lazuli throne, Wollow is now a wondering outcast. However, he has a mission that will get him to be king this time. Like Nugget, his roving will hopefully lead him to a group without a dominant male. Then, Wollow sees two lone females, foraging near the Aztecs territory. It's Kathleen and Zelda. Both of them are still outcasted by their mother. Wollow seeks an oppertunity. All he has to do now is wait to be noticed.

What Wollow doesn't know is that three new males have joined the Aztecs. Candy Flip, Yabou and their father and new leader of the group Bruce see him as a threat and they see him off. Bruce resumes to foraging. His collar however, wasn't put on yesterday though. He was the dominant male of a wild gorup that had just started to get used to humans. However, he was overthrown by another male and now he is here. But where is granddad Zaphod?

Zaphod is now just an unknown outcast. But what will he do now? He has been through a lot in these last few years, losing his mate Flower, not being as much use as he used to and now he has been overthrown by Bruce. He sees his two granddaughters. Maybe he can join them? He makes his move, however threatened Kathleen chases him off. Kathleen will stop at nothing to get back into the Aztecs, but how. She sees Candy Flip and Yabou leave the group. Maybe if she and Zelda follow them, once they come back, so will the chance of coming back to the group.

Meanwhile, Nugget has found a new group. It's a small splinter group of a group called the Hoppla. This group of just 11 is led by dominant male Alfred, who has the radio collar and dominant female Ellie. Nugget cautiously makes his move, though an eagle is circling overhead. Alfred and Ellie, who are in the main group are nowhere to be seen and the only meerkats there are females. Nugget runs into the bolthole with the Hoppla girls. Maybe if they accept him, he can be part of a family again.

Meanwhile, two once bitter enimies have teamed up. Envious Wilson and his biggest rival for Sophie, Squeak, are roving together. Squeak reappeared almost fully recovered from his snake bite the day after he was bitten. Now that he is fully recovered, he should be heading back to the Whiskers. However, Gump didn't let him back in. Now, he has met up with Wilson and they are now roving buddies. Wilson also has a plan. Conquer the main group of the Hoppla.

Unfortunately, Alfred watches him carefully. If they make one wrong move, he will spot him better in the tall grass. He hides in wait.Although the two meerkats can't see him, he can see them. Wilson however, is a professional and sees Ellie. She warms up to him, as well as another female, Vriska is attracted to Squeak. Ellie goes with Wilson, much to Alfred's unhappiness. Vriska follows her mother and the four meerkats head away. A furious Alfred scent marks the territory and he is comforted by his best mate Bernard.

Meanwhile, Wollow has returned to the Lazuli, much to Mitch's dismay. Now, he strikes out at him, however Mitch counters with another jaw lock. Wollow tries to free himself, though with not much success. Meanwhile, Young watches on. Maybe she will have a new mate this time. Wollow has been able to break free of Mitch's jaw lock and is able to evict him. He has won. Wollow has overthrown Mitch and is now the dominant male. He will make sure that no one will take his place for a while.

Next time on Meerkat manor: Nugget and his splinter group meet the main group, Wilson takes control of his new group and Mitch tries to return to the Whiskers.

5. Letting go and getting back[]

Last time on Meerkat Manor: Zaphod was found out to be ousted by the much younger Bruce as the dominant male of the Aztecs. Gump was found out to be the dominant male of the Whiskers now and Squeak returned and teamed up with Wilson to make a new group with some Hoppla females. Nugget found a splinter group of Hoppla females and Wollow took dominance from Mitch, fufilling his ambitions.

There's a rude awakening to the Hoppla splinter group with Nugget in it. The burrow is becoming unstable. But why? Nugget is the first to investigate. He comes out and sees something he's never seen before. It's a gemsbok. A large antelope, gemsbok aren't a real threat to meerkats, though burrows can collapse because of them. It's time for a move. Most of the girls were rudely awakened, which is good news. Nugget begins to lead his group away from the unstable bolthole.

Meanwhile, Alfred's main group is already out foraging. Unhappy about losing his mate, Alfred is taking his anger out on his best mate Bernard. Bernard hardly goes near Aldred now, since he's became so aggresive. However, there's something that's going to become worse. Seelia, a young female, raises the alarm. It's the Lazuli, led by new dominant male Wollow. This is the group that Alfred came from and was the dominant male, until he was kicked out. Despite being outnumbered, Alfred charges, the others following. It's his land and he's not going to let go of it.

Meanwhile, once so reliable Mitch is an outcast now. Without a group to call home now, Mitch is in the lurch. However, there's a familiar group in his sights. it's the Whiskers, Mitch's birth group. However, since being out of the Whiskers for a while now, he probably won't be let back in, like his sister Mozart wasn't. He slowly makes his move. However, someone has eyed him. It's Gump.  He jumps off his sentry post and chases him off. However, despite this, Mitch stays behind a bush. He'll get his oppertunity when he's ready.

Things have gotten worse for the Hoppla's main group. The fight has turned into a catch and kill mission. The Hoppla have been forced into a bolthole and they're digging with their lives. Wollow slips into the burrow, where he finds Alfred. However, Alfred isn't going down without a fight. He lashes out at Wollow, while the rest of the Hoppla dig. Bernard spots an exit and goes through, followed by a female, a male and two other meerkats. They slip away without notice.

Meanwhile, Wilson, Squeak, Ellie and Vriska are begining to carve out their new group's territory. The group is currently unnamed, though that's fine. Unsuprisengly, Ellie has became the new dominant female and Wilson has tooken place as dominant male. Squeak doesn't mind. They're not enimies anymore and has been getting used to being his wingman. Now with a new mate, Wilson looks like he no longer has his eye on Sophie, the girl he fought for.

The Lazuli have left the Hoppla alone and Bernard and the others have rejoined the main group. Alfred is nowhere to be seen however. He hasn't came out of bolthole and neither has Wollow. Bernard bravely goes in. Wollow is nowhere to be seen, but in the deepest part of the bolthole, Alfred reappears. Although severely injured, Alfred has pulled through and he comes to the surface. However, Bernard sounds the alarm.

It's the Hoppla splinter group. Nugget has no idea that it's the group that the girls came from. He approaches the group in a charge, but when the girls realize that it's the main group, they stop. They're welcomed back into the group. Oddly, they accept Nugget too. Males not in a meerkat's family would be chased off, though Alfred doesn't seem to mind. Nugget now has a family again. Now the question remains, will he ever become a dominant male?

Next time on Meerkat manor: Kathleen and Zelda finally get their chance, Axel meets Seelia, the Hoppla drops into turmoil and Bruce and Zaphod face off again.

6. Trouble[]

Last time on Meerkat Manor: The Lazuli raided the Hoppla, Mitch tried to rejoin the Whiskers, though waas chased off by Gump, Wilson and Ellie took dominance of their new group and Nugget found a home again when he led the splinter group back to the Hoppla.

It's been a week since we last saw Meerkat Manor and the first one out of the Whiskers burrow is Mitch. With his collar still on, he returned to his family and retained his position as dominant male. Gump has been happy to take a subordinate role and he comes out next. The two meerkats sit together and watch the rising sun. Although he's not the dominant male anymore, Gump and Mitch have been becoming good friends. They groom each other while waiting for the other Whiskers.

Meanwhile, the group of Wilson, Ellie, Squeak and Vriska now have a name. It's called the Islanders. The group is still small, though there are four meerkats watching the small group. Kathleen and Zelda were able to get the attention of roving males Candy Flip and Yabou and now they are looking to sewe if they can join it. As Wilson and Squeak forage, Candy Flip makes the first move. Using the tall grass for cover, he comes closer and closer, until, Wilson spots him. He chases him off, the other three falling back with him.

The Hoppla have faired even worse since the attack from the Lazuli. Alfred has been bitten by a snake. There is a large wound over his head and has been weak. Bernard has been the temporary dominant male in his place while he recovers. Nugget, however, has different plans. Bernard isn't as brave as Alfred and definantly more of a coward than him. He comes towards him, however, Bernard's hidden talent shows. In a dominating display, Bernard scent marks Nugget fiercely. Nugget submits. He can rule another time.

Meanwhile, three meerkats have gotten lucky. Once adopted Axel is now all grown up and with friends Nougat and Fernando, he has found Seelia. Seelia was evicted when she tried to take dominance of the Hoppla, however, maybe she has another chance. Axel scent marks the younger two males. He's the oldest and he will take dominance of this group. He deserves this as well. Seelia, as the only female, will be the new female leader. However, can she step up to the plate?

A rude awakening is in store for the Aztecs, especially Bruce. An all too familiar face has returned. Zaphod has came back to reclaim his crown. Bruce accepts and attacks him. He is a lot younger than Zaphod and he can easily overpower him. However, Zaphod, although old, shouldn't be messed with. He's still the bruiser he was when he was in the Whiskers as an emerging leader. Instead of Bruce overpowing him, Zaphod overpowers Bruce. He chases him off. It looks like this old Kat has still got it.

Meanwhile, the Islanders have been pestered again and by the same meerkats. The four meerkats try to track down Kathleen, Zelda, Candy Flip and Yabou, without much success. However, when candy Flip begins to scent mark the area, along with Yabou, then Kathleen, then finally Zelda, Wilson realizes that they just want a group and they let them join. Now with the Islanders four new members, the group has expanded from four to eight. The foraging continues.

Next time on Meerkat Manor: Axel's new group have their first challenge, Mitch, Gump and Rhogan Josh get into a sticky situation and Nugget has his chance at leadership.

7. Nugget's rise[]

Last time on Meerkat Manor: Axel, Nougat and Fernando met up with Seelia and made a new group, Mitch took back dominance in the Whiskers, Alfred was bitten by a snake and Bernard took temporary dominance and Kathleen, Zelda, Candy Flip and Yabou joined the new group, the Islanders.

There has been some even worse news for the Hoppla. There is no sign of Alfred or Bernard. Alfred did fully recover and take back dominance, however both him and Bernard disappeared in yet another fight with the Lazuli. The females all left the group when none of them could settle dominance, leaving a group full of boys, one of them being new ruler Nugget. Now with a settled position as a leader, he doesn't have to fight very hard for dominance now.

A strange meerkat has caused a rude awakening to the Whiskers. New found friends Mitch and Gump are trying to pinpoint him before breakfast. However, when the mystery meerkat comes closer, it is clear that it is a former Whiskers member. It's Rhogan Josh. Since Mitch was overthrown, he has been roving to find him. He is allowed to rejoin and he definantly needs some grooming because of his long time not in a group.

Meanwhile, Axel's new group has got themselves stuck in their first challenge. Axel now has a radio collar so the group can be tracked. A snake has interfered with their foraging path. Nougat begins to mob it, however, it bites him. He backs away quickly. Axel then mobs it more successfully and the snake goes off for a snack. Nougat lies under a bush. The venom is starting to take effect. However, dominant male Axel stays by him. His group will forage near their sick member today.

The Whiskers are having a less dramatic foraging session. Rhogan Josh is happy to be in a group again, however, there seems to be a problem. Along with Gump and Mitch, he is lost. The three meerkats wonder where they currently are, because they are not near the Whiskers. Mitch is about to strike out on his own to find their family, however three females appear. They are led by eldest female Beepop. Maybe, if they can seduce the females, the three males won't need to head back to the Whiskers.

The tables have turned on the Lazuli. The Whiskers have intruded in their territory and they're trying to take the land. Young Bertle is the first one in, followed by Pickle, who's now all grown up. Sophie is in next, followed by all except Wiley Kat, who keeps guard. Sophie is showing traits that Flower once had. Her bravery has got the Whiskers back to their full glory, something Rocket Dog failed to do. However, as they get further into the burrow, Wiley Kat sounds the alarm.

The Lazuli have returned. Former Whiskers member Wollow isn't happy about this and leads the attack. Although the unborn pups that Young is carrying is Mitch's offspring, Wollow will not let any group take his territory, not even the group he was born in. The group charges. As only Sophie and Wiley Kat are above ground, the Lazuli will find this easy. However, one by one, the Whiskers come out. Once all are above ground, Sophie leads the Whiskers towards them.

In the Hoppla, Nugget has found a camelthorn bush. He claws at the bark and gets some caterpillars.Now with his dominant status, he can let out his agression on other meerkats. Bruno, one of Alfred's and Ellie's first pups, gets the warning and doesn't get in his way. However, Nugget is facing his first challenge. Axel's group left Nougat to find more food and they went too far. Nugget leads the charge. Not wanting to lose anymore members, Axel retreats. This is a good start of leadership for Nugget. A lot more adaptable to leadership than his mother was, Nugget will hopefully lead on for many more years.

Next time on Meerkat manor: Nougat suffers even worse from his snake bite, Kathleen returns to the Aztecs, Bruno tries to find a new mate and Mitch, Gump and Rhogsn Josh move into a new family.

8. The new queen[]

Last time on Meerkat Manor: Nugget's ambition came true as he became the dominant male of the Hoppla, Mitch, Gump and Rhogan Josh got seperated from the Whiskers and tried to seduce three females and the Whiskers and Lazuli went at it in an almost full scale war.

The Whiskers and Lazuli are still fighting for territory. It's been quite a long fight and neither side is willing to give up. Wiley Kat struggles with Caroline, while Sophie and Young go head to head. Wollow is viciously attacking young teenager Chips, who's trying to break free. Young's unborn litter is at stake with this fighting and quickly, Young sounds the retreat. The Lazuli have lost their burrow and some of their territory to their arch nemisis. However, it's also bittersweet for the Whiskers. Sophie's pups and babysitting daughter Enili are still at the old burrow.

It's evening and Enili is getting anxious. Her family is still not home and although she is lactating, the pups need their mother. She grabs little Pitio and begins to move. Pitio is still blind, so Enili will have to be careful. As she makes her way, she sees a family that is not her own. It's the Aztecs. They have came over their side of the border and are moving towards the Whiskers new burrow, though Enili doesn't know that. As the Aztecs settle near the new bolthole, Enili decides to go back to the bolthole and feed the three hungry pups.

Meanwhile, the new PK have formed. Mitch, Gump and Rhogan Josh have seduced the females and Beepop is having a rest on the sand with her new mate Mitch.  Though they haven't yet made a territory for themselves yet, the developing group have baggged themselves a burrow. Gump is a bit alert, but he has a lazy approach and doesn't bother to take a sentry post. Rhogan Josh also has a lazy approach to sentry duty and when night is about to fall, the PK go into their new burrow.

The next morning and Bruno is the first one up at the Hoppla. He has been Nugget's public enemy number one since he took dominance because he is the oldest, but today he's had enough. it's time for him to leave his birth family and join another, or rove and maybe even make a new family. There is a world of roving to discover and Bruno begins his trip, turning his back on his birth group and going into the dangerous life of a temporary loner.

There is also some bad news for the Lazuli. Young has lost her litter. She gave birth to stillborn pups, probably from the stress she had been having. Wollow comforts her with some grooming. This provides some consolation for Young. Once she's ready, Young leads out the family, Wollow by her side. the other members follow loyaly. As Wollow takes a sentry post, Young digs up a delicious toad. However, somebody has her eye on her mother's meal. Meet Christiana, Young's eldest daughter. Altrhough she doesn't challenge for dominance, Christiana usually has mating on her mind and today, it looks like she's gained some weight. She's pregnant. Suprisengly, Young doesn't seem to mind as she's lost her own litter, however, she won't give up her food so easily. Although she's learned this lesson many times before, Christiana doesn't seem to get that she shouldn't mess with Mum. Young snatches her toad back and Christiana is forced to find another meal to steal.

The Aztecs have just started the day with a rude awakening. Kathleen has returned. She was the first evictee of the islanders and she wants to rejoin her birth family. After aborting her litter, she can hopefully convinvce her mother, who has given birth to five healthy pups. However, somebody else has spotted her. Bruno sees his oppertunity. Kathleen, however, has different ideas. She ignores him and gets to her family. Maybelline doesn't have a problem with her anymore, so she welcomes her back into the family, while Bruno is left in the dust.

However, the Whiskers have spotted them on their new land, and they're not happy about it. Sophie leads the charge, her wingwoman Wiley Kat following. Zaphod sounds the alarm. Immediately, Maybelline leads her own charge, the rest of the Aztecs following. Sophie attacks Maybelline head on, while Wiley Kat attacks  Squig. Chips holds his own against Lone Star and Zaphod, despite his age, puts the beat down on Pumplemouse, one of Sophie's and Squeak's first pups together.

Enili has found her family, having left the pups behind. However, she sees the Whiskers struggling with the Aztecs. She leaves the scene and when she gets to the burrow, once again, she takes little Pitio. She takes the blind helpless pup around the battle scene and puts him in. However, before she can get another pup, Katleen spots her and attacks before she can get to the old burrow. Enili now has no choice but to fight. She attacks Kathleen with a powerful jaw lock.

Meanwhile, in Axel's small group, things have gone from bad to worse for Nougat. After being bitten by a snake yesterday, the venom has weakened him more and he can hardly move. Axel grooms him, but there is nothing else he can do. He has to go out foraging.Seelia leaves, Axel and Fernando following, leaving poor Nougat alone. Once they are out of sight, Nougat slowly goes underground. If he's going to make it, Nougat will have to have more fight in him.

Meanwhile, the Whiskers and Aztecs are still slugging it out. However, it's not long until Maybelline finds out that they can't win. She sounds the retreat and the Aztecs leave the Whiskers in peace. Enili goes off to get the other two pups, this time with help from Popple, her older sister. They don't know however that the Whiskers have suffered another loss. There is no sign of Sophie. Wiley Kat is the eldest subordinate, but will she be able to become leader? For the first time, she does some lead calls. The family follows. While one era ends, another one begins. Will Wiley Kat stand up to the challenge that Sophie had? Hopefully yes.

Next time on Meerkat Manor: Christiana starts to push her luck, Wiley Kat has her first challenge as dominant female and an old face returns, hungry for revenge.

9. Bruce's return[]

Last time on Meerkat Manor: Young lost her litter but was comforted by Wollow, Mitch, Rhogan Josh and Gump made the PK and Sophie's reign ended after she disappeared in an encounter with the Aztecs, leaving Wiley Kat as the new queen.

It's morning at the Whiskers and new dominant female Wiley Kat emerges out of the burrow. Now with the collar of the dominant, she has a lot to prove today. Brave Enili emerges next, followed by Chips. The next to emerge is a suprising sight. It's Bruno! After the fight, Bruno slowly approached the Whiskers and was welcomed into the family, taking the dominant male position. With an unrelated male by her side, Wiley Kat has everything going for her in her new role as queen.

Meanwhile, Christiana has been starting to make trouble. She has made a small splinter group, away from Young, Wollow and many members of the Lazuli. Only five other Lazuli members that have splitered with her. Toppen, a female who is also pregnant, a young male named Tony and three other adults follow Christiana to a bolthole. Christiana wants her pups to have the best chance of survival, even if it means not returning to the Lazuli.

Meanwhile, Zaphod seems on edge today. A familiar face has appeared at the Aztecs. It's Bruce! After a long absence, the former dominant male has returned and is ready to overthrow the king of the kalahari once again. However, Zaphod still has strength in him, despite his age. He gives chase, but Bruce doesn't budge. Soon, he charges too. Maybelline watches her father and Bruce tussle. Zaphod then grips Bruce in a powerful jawlock. Bruce desprately tries to free himself.

Meanwhile, Wiley Kat has gotten stuck in a situation. She has led her group over another group's territory. It's the Hoppla. Bruno knows his home group well and there's a former Whiskers male here too. Nugget sees his birth group and raises the alarm. The all male group ready their selves. Wiley Kat must think fast fast before the Hoppla get close enough. Then she decides, they must have more territory. She leads the charge, Bruno right by her side. Nugget attacks the rookie dominant. Wiley Kat attacks another male, while Enili chases off another male. Humiliated, Nugget sounds the retreat. As the Hoppla lose their territory, Bruno, Pumplemouse and Chips scent the territory, while Wiley Kat explores a burrow.

At Christina's splinter group, the group of six are facing troubles themselves. A cape cobra is in their path. Christiana starts mobbing the snake, followed by Toppen and Tony. The cobra strikes, but it misses the three meerkats. As the three other adults run off, Christiana, Toppen and Tony decide to move away and change course, back to the Lazuli. Young immediately confronts Christiana. She visciously attacks her. Christiana quickly submits. Young decides to keep Christiana in the group. For now.

Meanwhile, The fight between Zaphod and Bruce is still going on. Bruce has gotten out of Zaphod's jawlock and is now gaining the upper hand. However, Zaphod turns the tables and is able to dominate Bruce and chase him out of the territory. This old Kat has some new spunk in him. But how long will it be there? Being a dominant male is taking his toll now, leaving him suceptable to being overthrown like Bruce did before. Zaphod's days of being a long term leader may be numbered.

Next time on Meerkat manor: Wiley Kat is expecting her first litter, Nugget confronts an old face, Bruce looks for a group of his own and Christiana gains an allie.

10. Old faces, new problems[]

Last time on meerkat member: Bruno became the dominant male of the Whiskers and showed his worth by leading the group against the Hoppla, Christiana pushed her luck by making a splinter group which returned to the Lazuli and Bruce tried but failed to reclaim dominance in the Aztecs.

It's morning at the Hoppla and dominant male Nugget is up first. It has been a while since he was kicked out of the Whiskers and joined this group. Since the disappearace of both Alfred and Bernard, he has easily dominated the boys and now has a mate of his own. Just a few days ago, Dawn and her sister Tansy joined the group, with Dawn taking dominance. However, there is a familiar face today. Alfred has returned. Now healthy, Alfred has returned to his group, only to find out that there is a new general. Nugget charges and attacks Alfred. Alfred also attacks. Dawn just watches on as the boys fight.

A male who currently doesn't have a problem is Whiskers new dominant male Bruno. There is also some great news for Wiley Kat too. She is pregnant. Enili grooms her. Wiley Kat accepts. Currently, Enili is not a problem. However, since Pickle's eviction, Enili has become one of the eldest females.So, while Enili hasn't shown it yet, she could become the next public enemy number one. Meanwhile, Bruno begins to clean out the burrow, which is bad news for Popple, who is the last one up. She gets sprayed with dirt by Pumplemouse. Wiley Kat the joins in, as well as Enili. Soon, every meerkat begins to clean out the burrow, wether they want to or not.

The Whiskers couldn't be more different than Bruce. Once the king of the Aztecs, he is now the outcasted oddball. However, today might be his lucky break. It's the Zappa, a once gone but not forgotten group. Since the Zappa was last seen, Punk has been predated and Katesa has taken female dominance. However, Houdini hasn't been seen since taking to roving after Punk's death. Now could be his chance. He slowly starts to move and Katesa is impressed. However, the boys are less and see Bruce off. However, they don't know that they are in the presence of a roving master and the former king waits it out.

Meanwhile, Alfred and Nugget are still at it. As the girls continue to watch, Nugget is beginning to get the upper hand. Alfred flees and disappears over the distance. Even though Nugget has won, he is a bit insecure and begins to scent mark the territory. Dawn then leads them out to forage. Nugget digs out a millipede, but Tansy has her sights on it. However, after Nugget's last encounter, he's not taking any chances. He keeps it away from the other female.

Meanwhile, at the PK, Beepop has turned out to be pregnant with the first litter. Mitch takes a sentry post, while Gump tries to lay the law on one of the females, but with no luck. Rhogan Josh digs in the sand and gets a millipede, but Gump, embarresed from his attempt to mate, grabs it from under his nose. However, Rhogan Josh won't let him get away with it. A fight breaks out, but it's only breif. Rhogan Josh reclaims his prize and Gump goes to get himself another meal.

Meanwhile, Christiana's trouble making has gained her an allie. Toppen, who is also pregnant, has been starting to follow the eldest subordinate female's lead. Young is starting to go into heat again and Wollow is following her like a bad case of ticks. Young snaps at her new mate and Wollow gets the message. Christiana on the other hand is almost ready to give birth, as well as Toppen. Quickly, Christiana goes into the closest bolthole, followed by Toppen.

Back with Bruce and it looks like he hasn't been having the greatest luck witth the Zappa because of their boys. However, now might be his lucky break. The Zappa boys are too busy foraging  notice of him. He makes his move. Katesa watches him. She needs somebody to mate with to keep the numbers of the Zappa up and Bruce seems like the guy. However, somebody else has his sights on Katesa. It's Alfred. Before Bruce can make another move, Alfred gives chase, only to be chased by the Zappa boys. Bruce gets his chance and gets to Katesa before the boys can chase him off this time. It looks like Bruce has a new home now, where he is once again king of the clan.

Next time on Meerkat Manor: Christiana goes too far, Kathleen's rebellious streak returns and Nugget and Axel meet each other again.

11. Turmoil galore[]

Last time on Meerkat manor: Alfred returned, but was no match for Nugget. Christiana gained an ally when Toppen followed her lead and Bruce finally found his home in the long last Zappa.

It's morning at the Aztecs and Kathleen is first up. After returning to the Aztecs, her rebellious streak has returned, stronger than ever. Once again, Maybelline is on edge. Once everbody's up, Maybelline leads the group out for breakfast. Her two month old pups, Snowflake, Toblerone, Dali and Chaka follow the group. Kathleen wants to steal a meal, but unluckily for her, Maybelline is on guard. Kathleen digs for a tasty morsel, but only finds an ants nest.

Somebody who hasn't been as lucky is Christiana. After bringing her pups to the Lazuli's burrow, Young slammed her paw down and evicted her. However, there is some fortunate news for her. Toppen is currently taking care of her pups as well as Christiana's. When Toppen goes in to feed the pups, Christiana goes in too. However, there's somebody else babysitting. Tony strikes out before Christiana can go any further. He chases her out, leaving her in the cold.

Meanwhile, Nougat is making himself helpful again at Axel's growing group, now named the Traffic Mob. Now healed from his snake bite, he has gained his muscle mass back and is currently babysitting the newest members. Just Yesterday, Seelia gave birth to five pups, fathered by Axel. Meanwhile, Axel and Seelia have a challenge. Another group is slowly getting up. It's the Hoppla. Nugget sounds the alarm. He prepares to charge, but Axel, Seelia and Fernando run off. There group doesn't need a fight with such little members.

A group that isn't struggling very much is the Islanders. Wilson has been showing how good he is at leading, while Squeak is becoming a loyal member. He also has a girlfriend in another mob. He decides to go roving, while Wilson forages. A pregnant Ellie, however, has her sights on Wilson's millipede. She snatches his meal and gobbles it down. Candy Flip, unwilling to give up his scorpion, rushes into the bushes, while Zelda goes up a sentry post after she's finished her lizard. Unfortunately, Yabou is oblivious and Ellie's second stolen meal is even tastier than the one she stole from Wilson. 

Another boy who is trying to hide his meal is Mitch. Recently, Beepop gave birth to four healthy pups. Despite that, she's looking for food to eat and she'll get any free meal she sees. While Mitch eats his lizard in the tall grass, Rhogan Josh eats his scorpion as fast as he can. Gump, unwilling to give up his toad, scuffles with her. However, he shouldn't underestimate a ofemale who's just given birth, especially if that meerkat is the queen. Beepop snatches it off him and eats straight in front of him.

Meanwhile, Christiana's day has gone from bad to worse. After being chased away from the baby sitting burrow, she had met a goshawk. Fortunately, she survived, but was severly injured. She limps to a bolthole and crawls in. She could certainly get infection, but her wounds are so severe that she may die before it even sets in. She then hears something and weakly crawls out. It's the Lazuli. Young is leading them somewhere, but it's not a burrow move. The Zappa have came onto their territory.

Bruce, ready to flex his muscles, leads the charge, followed by Katessa and the others. He charges into Wollow, then grips him in a jaw lock. Wollow, however, knows how to get out of jawlocks. He charges into him. Katessa sounds the retreat. As Bruce reluctantly follows his mate's lead, the Lazuli scent mark their territory. Unseen, Christiana sinks back into her bolthole. She hears the Lazuli charge off, while Christiana curls up, weak, cold and lonely for the night.

Next time on meerkat manor: What is the outcome for Christiana, Wiley Kat has a tragedy and Kathleen makes her move, with almost disasterous results. 

12. Recepie for disaster[]

Last time on Meerkat manor: Christiana got a taste of her own medicine when she was evicted and viciously attacked by a goshawk and Axel's group the traffic had four new pups to take care of.

It's morning and at the Whiskers, a slimmer Wiley Kat comes out. She just gave birth to five healthy pups last night and Enili is giving them a feed before she emerges from the burrow. After meeting his kids, Bruno comes up next. He has been doing very well in his first year of leadership and he makes every male know that he's the boss, especially eldest subordinate Chips. However,Chips doen't seem to mind. Once again, Popple is the last one up and the one to do the baby sitting duties. However, she has some help. Her brother Pumplemouse has stayed behind to help his littermate.

Meanwhile, Christiana has finally had luck on her side. She has survived her ordeal. Since that week, Christiana still hasn't been able to get into her family, so her suffering hasn't ended yet however. But, there's still a bright spark. Her pups have been doing well under the tender loving care of Toppen. Once again, Christiana sees the burrow her family lives in. She goes in to find the pups, but instead finds today's babysitter, Tony. Unlike last time however, Tony seems a lot more welcoming, probably because there are no females helping him today. Happpy to be back, she suckles the six young ones.

Meanwhile, Kathleen has been back to her rebellious self, with her wing woman Zelda back. However, Zelda has decided to be a lot more down key, leaving Kathleen to make trouble all by herself and Maybelline is definantly not amused. However, when she decides to teach her daughter yet another lesson, Kathleen lashes out. Maybelline viciously scent marks her daughter, but Kathleen bites her tail. Maybelline is fed up and gives her daughter a violent series of bites and scratches. Kathleen runs off, disappearing into the grass.

Meanwhile, Popple and Pumplemouse are having an uneventful day. Both crave action. Even though both are teenagers, they aren't exactly showing their mature side. Bored out of their minds, Popple and Pumplemouse go off to find their family, where ever they are. As they run further away from the burrow, the pups are in more danger. With no baby sitter, they are at risk of being killed by a snake who could unexpectantly come into the burrow, or another group could kill them.

The Lazuli are one such group. They have found the Whiskers burrow and they want it as their own. However, Wollow hears one of the pups cry and he slides in. Meanwhile, Young and the others excitedly dig at the burrow, trying to get in. However, two others have stepped in as baby sitters. Enili and her brother Rozza  have realised  that their littermates had gone and now, they're ready to fight. Young gets into the burrow, closely followed by Toppen. Meanwhile, Wollow has gotten close to find Rozza. It's going to be a life or death fight to the finish if Enili and Rozza can survive.

Not knowing what they have done, Popple and Pumplemouse have still not found their family. After having some scorpions and sharing a millipede, they keep going further to find something disturbing. The Zappa have visited. Pumplemouse scent marks the border, while Popple scent marks a camelthorn bush on their territory. However, they soon get bored of taking the territory without a fight and they scratch the bark of the camelthorn bush to get some tasty catterpillers.

Meanwhile, Wiley Kat senses that something is wrong. She leads her group back and sees the remainder of the Lazuli. Bruno leads teh  group into battle, but the rest of the Lazuli run off. Wollow quickly sees his former group and sounds the retreat. The rest of the Lazuli run off, while Wiley Kat goes into the burrow. She sees Enili and Rozza at the end of the burrow, Rozza with some injuries, although not life threatening.However, the bodies of her five pups lie in front of them. It's a huge blow for Wiley Kat and Bruno. After that tradgedy, the Whiskers have paid a terrible price. Whether they can get to their former glory remains to be seen.

Next time on Meerkat manor: In the last episode of the season, the Whiskers and Hoppla plunge into war, Kathleen gets into the cross fire and Christiana, Young, Wollow and Tony cause their own war.

13. The deepest war[]

Last time on Meerkat manor: Wiley Kat gave birth to her first litter, only for them to be killed by the Lazuli. Kathleen launched her attack on Maybelline, then got evicted again and Christiana survived her ordeal and got back into the baby sitting burrow.

Two shapes bound towards the Whiskers burrow. It's The two trouble makers, Popple and Pumplemouse. The brother and sister team have not realised what they have done, but Wiley Kat and Bruno are going to make them pay. Immediately, Wiley Kat viciously attacks Popple, while Bruno attacks Pumplemouse. They run off, diasappearing. Then, the Whiskers prepare for bed. However, Bruno is on alert. He looks at the two evicted meerkats and both get the signal. Finally Bruno heads into the burrow.

Meanwhile, the neighbors from hell have came. Led by Nugget, the Hoppla have snuck onto the dominant male's former group's territory. Nugget scent marks a bolthole and Dawn and Tansy go in to investigate. Once they deem it safe, the group goes in. Nugget gets onto the top of the group huddle, while Dawn is rather comfortable with her sister. However, even the Hoppla aren't expecting a suprise lurking in the bolthole. However, the unknown figure is keeping its distance, for now.

Meanwhile, Kathleen is facing a lonely night in eviction, since Zelda is now down key and the Islanders would certainly not welcome her back. Once she's ready, she heads underground. She heads into the heart of the bolthole, normally where her family members will be. But, the heart is empty. She curls up, but can't seem to sleep, until she hears something. The crack of lightning marks the beginning of the rainy season. Kathleen listens for a while, then slowly drifts off.

Morning brings lush vegetation and more food. Christiana is the first to have what the Kalahari has to offer in the Lazuli. After helping with baby sitting, she has been welcomed back into the group and has been on the good side of Young. However, the temptation  of Young's scorpion is hard to resist. But, before she can steal, Wollow has realised something. The majority of the Lazuli have split, leaving only Young, Wollow, Christiana and Tony by themselves.

Meanwhile, Bruno has seen something. He sounds the alarm, causing the Whiskers to get alert. At first, they don't know what is happening, until Wiley Kat eyes Dawn. She looks at Bruno, then helps him rally the troups. Wiley Kat prepares, while young ones Mark, Pitio and Devil are protected by Chips, Enili and Rozza. At first, it's a stand off of who's going to go first, until Bruno breaks the silence and charges. Nugget scuffles with him, while Wiley Kat grapples with Dawn.

What no meerkat has yet noticed is that the mysterious figure is watching the battle. It's Alfred. He remains unseen near the sand dune, until Rozza breaks cover and gives chase. Nugget tries to attack Sophie's and Squeak's last pups, until Enili leads them into a nearby bolthole. Bruno viciously attacks Nugget and chases him off. The Hoppla make a hasty retreat, while the Whiskers celebrate their victory. Alfred leaves the scene, closely following his former group.

Meanwhile, Kathleen has put herself in a bad situation. She's spotted a male meerkat, but he isn't roving. His family, the Zappa have her in their sights. However, it becomes clear that she's standing in the way of an upcoming battle with the Aztecs. Bruce, beleiving Kathleen is with her family, chases her off, while Maybelline leads the Aztecs into battle, striking Katessa. Bruce comes back to fight, while Kathleen slowly comes back, watching from a respectable distance.

Meanwhile, the small group of Young, Wollow, Christiana and Tony have ran into the Traffic Mob. If the Lazuli was full strength, they would of easily chased the slowly growing mob away, but with only four members and even with Seelia's four pups who can't fight, the group is outnumbered. Young leads them away and towards today's babysitter Caroline. It's a long wait, but Christiana sees a familiar group of meerkats coming towards them. The rest of the Lazuli have returned. The younger members playfight, while the older members groom the others.

The Whiskers, Lazuli, Zappa, Aztecs, Hoppla, PK, Islanders and Traffic Mobs have already had it tough. But with winter approaching, dominance may change as much as this years dominance. Only fate has the answer.