Meet the meerkats [More will be added later in the chapters]Edit

Flower: The party queen

Zaphod: The party king

Sophie: New girl on the block

Squeak: Sophie's new flame

Wilson: The envious bad boy

Phillepe: The unlucky cassanova

Zorro: The wanted cop

Miles: Zorro's wanted companion

Youssarian: The party avoider

Hannibal: Leader of the bad cops

Big si: The other party avoider

Wiley Kat: The handy helper

1. The move inEdit

[Sophie and Squeak are at the reception to enter the apartment. Zaphod welcomes them.]

Zaphod: Welcome you two! We're happy for you two to be here after your studies! Do you want to come and party tonight?

[Before they could answer, Wilson comes down, holding two smoothies.]

Wilson: Is Sophie * gasps* [both of the smoothies drop to the floor in slow motion and contents spill out. Wilson runs up the stairs crying.]

Squeak: What a cry baby. Of course we would like to party!

Zaphod: Great! See you at seven!

[At Hannibal's flat,  he is crying at photos of Nikita.]

Hannibal: Nikita! Why did you choose a useless Whisker male instead of me! 

[Wilson slams the door open, his face red and tears in his eyes.]

Wilson: DADDY!

Hannibal: [also crying] What is it my boy?

Wilson: S. S .Sophie dumped me ! Wahh!

Hannibal: Your mother dumped me too! Wahh!

[Meanwhile, at Youssarian's flat]

Youssarian: Grr! They're having a party tonight!

Big si: Uggh! Why can't we have the tittles of the party kings?!

Youssarian: I don't know! My brother has it!

Big si: We better avoid that at all costs!

Youssarian: Agreed

[Fast knocks are heared.]

First voice: Dad!

Second voice: Uncle!

[Youssarian opens the door. Zorro and Miles rush in, both in full police uniform.]

Zorro: Hannibal wants to kill us!

Miles: That's why we're not going to work tomorrow!

[The door bursts open. Hannibal, all red faced and angry is standing there. Zorro, Miles, Youssarian and Big si are sent on a huge run, getting chased by Hannibal and his bad cops. Meanwhile..]

Phillepe: Tough life. I'm trying to find a new girl too

Wilson: But can you ever forget Wiley Kat?

Phillepe: Not if we get revenge [looks at Wilson evily. Wilson gives the evil look back. Meanwhile..]

Flower: Welcome to our party!

[Over one hundred meerkats, including Sophie and Squeak are there.]

Zaphod: Let's get this party started!

[All cheer. The music starts playing. Squeak dances while Sophoe and Wiley Kat talk.]

Wiley Kat: Do you need help with settling in?

Sophie: That would be nice. Thanks!


[The wild goose chase at Youssarian's flat is still going on.]

Youssarian: The window!

[Youssarian goes through the window first, followed by Zorro, Miles and Big si. Hanibal goes through the window too. All five scream as they fall fast. Meanwhile...]

[The party continues. Sophie, Squeak and Wiley Kat are dancing together, until two gun wielding theives with socks over their heads intrud the party.]

First theive: Everybody put your paws up!

[Everybody is about to put their paws up, until the police meerkats arrive.]

First police meerkat: Wilson and Phillepe! You two are under arrest for burglery!

[Wilson and Phillepe are struggling in the police meerkats grasps and the party continues.]

2. The hospitalEdit

New meerkats

Dali: Broken-hearted musician

Cazanna: Big Si's party-loving mate

Titan: The commander of prison

Mabili: The nasty legend

Baker: Milkman

Previously: Youssarian, Zorro, Miles, Big Si and Hannibal had jumped out the window. What is going to happen now?

[Youssarian, Zorro, Miles, Big Si and Hannibal are in the hospital. Youssarian is on life supprt because hwe had the hadest fall. Zorro has his arm in a sling. Miles has a bandaged head. Big Si has bandages on him and Hannibal is nowhere to be seen.]

Zorro: Hey! I've been reading a book about the legend of Mabili! I've heard one day  she disappeared and was never seen again. Meerkats say that she is still alive in aparmant 13. Shall we go and check it out?

Miles: Oh yeah! Let's go!

Big Si: I'm coming with you. Let's go at night though. I don't want to go to those parties that my mate is going to. I hate her... [Zorro and Miles look at him shocked and Big Si turns around and sees Cazanna standing there, sobbing.]

Cazana: So, you don't love me?[Cries and runs off.]

Big Si: Cazanna! I didn't mean it!

[Meanwhile, in prison...]

Phillepe: [Blows harmonica] We were put in jail, [blows harmonica again], gave things we stole

Moe to come.

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