This is about most of the meerkats in a few mobs. Some are forgotten and will not be mentioned. The nararator will be an unknown meerkat.

1. MabiliEdit

Brave, determined and long serving are three good words to explain her. Leading for ten long years, that's longer than Zaphod, even though he was older. She truly was the queen of the kalahari, though she wasn't as famous as Flower. She had twenty two successful litters and although most of them were not recorded, others became dominants. Having four mates, it is unknown who the father of her pups are, although the majority may belong to Mad Max. However that is a mystery that may never be solved, as she disappeared at the age of twelve. If you pups [they are Ren, Stumpy and Bubble] lived to that age, you could of been ruling as long as that.

2. HannibalEdit

I hear you snarling Stumpy. Was he the one who was responsible for your end? I know he was one of the nastiest leaders to ever rule, but he was still welcomed into Star manor because his only fault was his burning ambition and, unless you want to kill your siblings or parents, even your own children, you can't punish ambition. The way he died was peacefully, although that was something that peacfully was never a way he ruled. I know Ren, it is a little wierd, but we are responsible for their life and death and that is what we chose for him.

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