This is a show written by Moonstar.It is very similar to Meerkat Manor expect everythings true.Hope you like it.:)Also look at The Top Kats Actors.

This is season 1.


The Eclipse Mob:Strong Mob Of Meerkats.

Luna:The Noble Dominate Female.

Coment:The Protective Dominate Male.


Shadow:The Hero.


Flame:Top Lover

Kat:The Shy One

Percy:The Mystrious One


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The Little Pups:Cuteset Creatures.

The Birds:Tough Rivals

Puppy:Cruel alpha female

May:The softy

Cassvona:Another rover

King:Old Kat

Epiosde 1:Meet The KatsEdit

Meet the Eclipse mob.They are a storng 29 family of meerkats.Luna is the domiant female and her partner is Coment.They have made the Eclipse mob a strong family.With thier leadership,they can survie the harsh Kalahari.

It is a cold day in November.The Eclipse mob is asleep underground.However,Luna is the only one awake.She gets to work.Soon,the dominant male Coment awakes.He has been Luna's mate and parnter for the lag three years.They have had many litters toghter.

Then all the Eclipse awake and get to work.The last member that has awoken is Hazel.She has given birth to pups two weeks ago.Hazel is Luna's younger sister.Ever since Luna became alpha female,Hazel has became a rebel.Hazel suns herself.Luna has decided the mob should forge.She makes lead calls and the mob follows begin her.Bella,one of Luna's daughters stays behind to babysit.

While forgeing,a young meerkat named Shadow keeps sentry duty.Suddenly,he spots an intruder,not a hawk but a roving male Cassvona,from the Eclipse's rivals.Cassvona moves closer to the mob,but Shadow chases him away.However,Cassvona won't give up.He returns,an this time nobody has seen him,expect for Bella.She is the troublemaker of the mob.Bella moves closer to Cassvona.Cassvona I trying to mate with her.Meanwhile,Luna finds a small skink.She is starving,and tries to eat the skink,however someone else is watching her.

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