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This is The New Top hit Serie on Animal Planet we begin or Story were the Next Generation Stops every Saturday we have a New Episode but now before we begin. You will meet the Meerkats and Groups that we see this Season.

THE Whiskers:

Ella: Dominant Female

Thundercat: Dominant Male

Enili: Rebelious Daughter

McGee: The Evicted one

Oriole: The oldest Daughter

The Aztecs:

Monlukus: Dominant Female

Zaphod: The King of the Kalahari

Alonzo Mourning: The New Casanova

Squig: The Strong one

Burdock: want to be Mother

The Baobob:

Cruise: Dominant Female

Al Capone: Dominant Male

Al Pacino: The Jealous one

The Donkeys:

She-Ra : Dominant Female

Nugget: Dominant Male

Juno: Bodyguard

Mandela: Nervous babysitter

Honey: Betrayder off love

Rex: Rover from hell

lola: Porcelain Daughter

The Van Helsing:

Flo: Dominant Female

Titan: Dominant Male

Billy: Naughty Sister

Emma: The Rookie

More to Come

The Kung Fu

Kleintije: Dominant Female

Ningaloo: Dominant Male

McDreamy: The royal

Wales: The Babysitter

Episode 1: SO WHAT ELLAEdit

Were back in the Kalahari Desert. For the New Season of Meerkat Manor. In the mean time we not Follow the Whiskers Family there Happend a lot. Rocket Dog is hit by a car and Died Sadly. Her sister Ella took Dominance in the Family. Ella leads the Fallen Whiskers with 6 members till this Male Came in the Family Thundercat Lazuli. Together they increased the numbers of the Whiskers. Also new Rivals arrived at the Manor the Commandoes Died out. But More groups want to Increase there territory.
File:Whiskers alert.jpg

Its Morning in the Kalahari. The Whiskers are Waiting for there Dominant Male. Thundercat is Sleeping out Today he wants to Relax a Day. Outside the burrow the Group is working hard to get the flees out. The Pups are playing and the New queen Ella get a Groom from her Daughter that want to get back in Moms good book she Called mcGee. McGee was evicted. The reason is that she get pregnant and only Ella the Dominant Female is the one to Get Pups. McGee lost her litter but now she want to Rejoin the group. Ella walked away from McGee she saw that Thundercat was out the burrow and Ella decides she wants Breakfast.

At The Kung-FU burrow everything is quiet to quiet. There Dominant Female is Kleintjie in Meerkat Manor she was called Rosie we saw how she was evicted by Nikita. there Dominant Male is Ningaloo he was Born into the Whiskers group in Meerkat Manor he Called Clive. They are the main Rivals of the Whiskers. Kleintjie has Decided to head into Whiskers Territory but she is heavily Pregnant from a new litter. Wales the Favourite Babysitter of the group gets a nice Scorpion. Ningaloo is on the Sentry Dute he now the Whiskers can see them an attack them from the Back. Piko also a young Female want the Nice Scorpion from Wales. Piko is the older one a get the Scorpion Easy. Wales run away to get a new meal before Piko saw her again with some Delicious Food. Kleintjie nows her litter could be here any moment was it a good idea to Go foraging today in Whiskers territory. Ningaloo Spots a Meerkat but that is McDreamy a evicted Female want to rejoin but she now Kleintjie maybe will Evicted her for the rest of her live. Denmark is also on Sentry Dute but he Spotted a Group but it are not the Whiskers. it are the Donkeys that group is a Splinter group of the Baobob. there Dominant Female is Porcelain. Her Male Mandela leads the Charge on the Kung-Fu. Ningaloo looks to the Attacking Group. and leads the Charge of the Kung-Fu. Ningaloo and Mandela has a Hard Fight. Porcelain was Running off from Kleintjie. Honey has the Change to run into a trap and Piko and Denmark Bite her many Times in her head it was looking Bad For Honey. Porcelain saw her Family lose and Retreat her Family. Even Honey Runs away from the Kung-Fu.
Kleintjie Kung Fu

Kleintjie Before she Gets in the Burrow

Kleintjie was now were to see. She had found a Whiskers Burrow but she was not outside the Burrow she was in Giving birth to a new litter of Pups. Ningaloo Scent the burrow to make it a Kung-Fu Burrow.

Next Time on Meerkat Manor the New Kalahari: We meet the Baobob and See Aztecs family Growing. The Donkeys have a Hard Time Now She-ra Attack Porcelain for the Throne.

Episode 2: Fear versus StrengthEdit

We Begin our day with the Rising sun above the Burrow of the Aztecs. Zaphod is up as First. He now today is a nervous day. The Aztecs have sleeped in a Van Helsing Burrow. Soon after Zaphod. Monlukus and 5 other meerkats came up and began to work with the house busniss. Zaphod want to leave now his expirience maybe can help Mo
Cruise Whiskers(VWF075)

Cruise Dominant Female

nlukus here. But Monlukus Decided she make the Desicions and is going back into the Burrow to feed her Pups. Darwin a Adult Male From the Aztecs. Is on the Sentry Duty. He Sees 2 eyes into the Bushes it are the eyes of Squig. She has Betrayed Monlukus to get Pregnant and only the Dominant Female get the permission to get pregnant otherwise the Aztecs are Growing to Fast. It was Piglet how watching Squig from the Ground but then he runs away from Squig.

On the other Side of the Kalahari The Baobob are underway to find there Foraging Place of the Day. Cruise leads them out Today to the Place where she want to go here Whole live a place with enough Food for the Whole family. But she was once the proud leader of a 33 strong group of meerkats. but after Porcelain make lead calls and start the Donkeys with 13 Baobob Meerkats. Cruise now have only 20 members to Domiant. Al Capone takes the place of Sentry Duty. He Spots a Family that are looking to the Baobob. it Are the Van Helsing. Cruise her the Alarm Calls of her mate. Can she nev

er ate in Piece. Cruise looks to the Group and see her Sister Flo is the Dominant Female there. Cruise run to Al Capone and Together they lead the Charge At the Van Helsing. Flo and the Van Helsing begin with there war Dance. Billy Flo sister is heavily Pregnant. But her instinct say that she must Fight. Titan was wrestling with Al Capone. Titan Claws hit Al Capone on his head. Al Pacino Saw it and is now Fighting with Titan. meerkat from the 2 groups run in other Direction and Flo and Cruise Fight Hard. Cruise was older and was Winning. Flo face was Blooding. Cruise Bite her right in her Face. Cruise Claws hit Flo on her head. Flo wants to return but she see her Family is fighting Hard Back. Titan is Fighting hard versus Al Pacino. But then after 15 Minutes Fighting Titan Retreat with the Van Helsing. Flo follows him Right in his Back. The Baobob has won but Al Capone was looking very bad he is on the Ground and Breating very bad. Cruise smells Van Helsing in her Burrow. She Goes in and yes in the Battle Billy was Giving Birth. But she know her escape must Come Cruise and the Others are Coming Down. Billy came out the burrow with a escape road and Run off the Baobob. Cruise saw the Pups and killed them all. Billy was looking how Cruise came out the Burrow with her Pups. But then she Runs off.

In the Donkeys Mob there was a big Problem when the Group was Formed. She-Ra was injured by a Snake Bite. But Know she is restores. And she want Porcelain posistion. Porcelain how gave Birth 2 weeks ago to a new litter knows the is a betrader in the Group. She-Ra is Pregnant and Porcelain want to evicted her. She-Ra is wainting till the Moment. Honey how was recovering from the Bites in her head from the Encounter with the Kung Fu saw it Porcelain attacks She-Ra but She-Ra knocked Porcelain Down and let she her teeth and Bite Porcelain in her Head. Porcelain saw a hole and Ran away from the Group. She-Ra was the new Dominant Female. Porcelain was looking to her 2 month old Pups and then Ran away for now but she will Come back and not alone.

The Next Episode: Ella must Make a Not easy Decicion. Aztecs are hidding for a Lion. And She-Ra lead her Group in a war versus the Kung-Fu.

Episode 3 The choice of PowerEdit

In the Previous Episode. Whe Saw how She-ra takes over Dominance from Porcelain in the Donkeys. Baobob and Van helsing have a group encounter. After the Battle Billy gave birth but her pups were killed by Cruise and the Baobob.

Its early in the Morning in the kalahari. and a the Whiskers Burrow. The Whiskers are getting up. Ella is first up and we saw she has give birth to a new litter of pups. Slowly also the other Whiskers members are getting up and begin with there work. Ella and Thundercat are grooming eacother. McGee,Oriole,Enili,Bertle and Rosco are also pregnant after mating with Toyota Rovers. Ella can evicted them and save her pups or let them in the group. she Choice now noting,She leads the Whiskers out roving. Princess madcat and Gump stay home to babysit. Thundercat follows Ella to the Riverbeding. McGee is the first of the Pregnant Females to give birth She keeps away from her mother. Rosco get a Milipede but also Ella saw it and in this time, the Dominant Female needs it for her milk. Also thundercat saw the Nice millipede and Pick it from Rosco but Ella soon stol it also from Thundercat. But now Thundercat came back and Fight for it but he is stronger and won it not easy but he gets it.

At the Aztecs they find a good place to foraging. Zaphod was the First that caught a nice Scorpion. Monlukus caught a Millipede. Darwin and Dali two Adults were Fighting for a Lizard but the Lizard was gone when Dawin has won the Fight. On that Moment Marmite make the alarm Call. a lion was walking right into the Aztecs. Zaphod lead them to the First burrow he saw but that was in Lazuli territory but there are Safe from the lion for now and it is a Enemy burrow the Aztecs must wait and wait. After 10 Minutes

the lion is gone and The Aztecs Came out and see that the Kalahari here is safe now from the lion. but where was Abaca she was nowwhere to see. Abaca was followed Wollow the Ex Dominant Male of the Lazuli he was overthrown by his Nephew Rufus. And now he is the new Lazuli Casanova and Mating with Abaca. But there where seen by Dali and the other Males there were Chargeing Wollow away from the Group. When Abaca returned in to the Aztecs Monlukus Similar attacks Abaca and evicted Abaca. Mating with a rover mom will let her see how is the Dominant Female here. Zaphod and the boys Came back from Chargeing Wollow. Monlukus leads them back to there own territory. Abaca not Follows the Group she walked in the Direction of Wollow. Wollow was waiting for here and they run away from the Aztecs in the Direction of the Lazuli. But they can begin a new Group from some Lazuli females that are Also evicted.

Some miles away Ningaloo and Kleintije are Leading the Kung-fu into the riverbed. Ningaloo spots a Group of meerkats but they are Also Kung-Fu meerkats. Kleintjie has Made a burrow this morning an
Nugget Whiskers(VWM123)

Nugget New Dominant Male of the Donkeys

d is now spoting for food she gave birth 3 weeks ago in a Whiskers Burrow. Kleintjie has evicted Mcdreamy from the group but she has Accepted back into the Group. But what the Dominant Pair not Knows is that the Donkeys has Followed them all day long. Kleintjie then leads the Kung-fu away from the Donkeys and back to her own burrow.

The Donkeys have now Claimed Kung-fu terittory. But Two meerkats have spotted the group it are Nugget and Juno. they Run into the Group and Attack Mandela that is fighting not back. Nugget the oldest of the two Whiskers meerkats that Disapeard but came now back. Evicted Mandela from the Group. Juno Knows he is the Subordinate Male. Nugget the only son of Rocket Dog is now the Dominant Male of the Donkeys. Nugget and She-ra grooming eachother and Juno is on sentry Duty. Nugget and Juno are now the Boys of the group.

Next Episode: Juno is roving at Lazuli. Whiskers have a Group split. Oriole lead the Biggest group in a encounter against the Kung-Fu. Darwin and Dali are the Naughty boys of the Aztecs

Episode 4: The war is begonEdit

A new day is ready to begin. In the previous episode we saw that Nugget the only son of Rocket Dog. Claimed the Dominant Male posistion in the Donkeys. Juno was with him but he is getting look like his father Casanova of the Kalahari.

The first group we see this Episode are the Feared Lazuli from season 1 and 4. Aretha has died after leading the group for 1,5 years. Her niece Young take charse of the Lazuli. Wollow was the Dominant Male but he was overthrown by his Nephew Rufus. The Lazuli are Foraging at the Kuruman Riverbed. Juno was looking to the group from a distance he wants to mate with one of the females. Young was also ready to get pregnant again. Juno makes his move he run to Young. Rufus was nowhere to see Juno gets now attention of 2 females. Young and her Daughter Rum. Young then attacks Rum screams it out and all the males came look. Now Juno must run. Rufus saw Juno running and Chase him off from his land. Rufus now must be closer to Y
450px-Oriole Whiskers

Oriole leading the Splinter Group


Also the Whiskers were out Foraging. Ella was on Sentry Dute but she spots nothing. McGee was babysitting today she gave birth to 6 little pups. Back at the Foraging group. Thundercat was eating the Scorpion he stole from Enili. Enili was now making lead Calls and from the 25 members 19 followed Enili also Oriole how is the oldest and soon she is taking the Dominant Female Position. Ella and thundercat and the other 4 meerkats heard nothing and a foraging futher in peace. Oriole leads the group into the Kung-Fu territory and her mother is nowhere to see. this is the change of her life leading the Whiskers spliter group. but they were spotted by Ningaloo the Dominant Male of the Kung-Fu. Oriole was looking for here mother but she is nowhere to see. Kleintije was looking for Ella but saw that Oriole leading the Family the Kung-Fu have a bigger and a more Expirence one. The whiskers have a young group Oriole leading the Charge The kung-Fu and Whiskers run in to eachother Ningaloo gets Gump who was playing the Dominant Male. Oriole was defeat by kleintjie in 20 seconds. Enili was retreating the Group the Whiskers losed a piece of there territory. in 2 minutes the Whiskers has losed there territory to the Kung-Fu.

Dali and Darwin two rovers from the Aztecs where looking for Girls at the Lazuli but now Rufus is protecting Young. Dali not saw Darwin and makes his move for a Female. but what he saw was Darwin with Rum. Dali walked on and Found Calvinia. and she wants attention from Dali. where Juno gots nothing Dali and Darwin get 2 females from the Lazuli.

Oriole Leads the Family to the Burrow were the go search for Food that morning. Ella saw Oriole and was looking Proud. Enili runs into the Burrow. Ella attacks Oriole and Bite Oriole many times in her tail. The tail of Oriole was looking bad and Ella now bite in her Feed. Oriole runs off when she saw a spot she was evicted for a long time. Ella and Thundercat soon let smell the other meerkats to them. Enili was giving birth to a New litter. off two pups only one has Died with the birth

Next episode: Ella leads the Whiskers into a battle of 45 minutes with the Kung-Fu. Baobob and Aztecs where searching food on Van Helsing territory. Oriole find Wollow and Abaca

Episode 5:The lovely NeighbourEdit

Meerkat Manor:

Welcome back to Meerkat Manor. The Whiskers were stronger then under Rocket Dog last days charge. But know Ella need help of Flower and Rocket Dog for a though decicion.

The Whiskers lost a piece of there territory to the Kung-Fu when the Whiskers spilts in 2 groups Ella and the little group. And Oriole leading the bigger group but her choices were wrong and they lost from the Kung-Fu. When the groups came back together Ella takes charge again and evicted Oriole for a long time from the group. Today the Whiskers were following Ella. She was leading the Family to the Riverbed but what she not known is that they had lost the Riverbed to the Kung-Fu. Gump was like a nervous pup in his first Day out the burrow. He known they had lost the riverbed. Thundercat is his normal self after he must fight with his son. Ella was arriving at the Riverbed but she Smells Kung-Fu and every Whisker meerkat make the riverbed back for them with Smell. Thundercat takes the Sentry Dute. And yes from the Dune he saw the Kung-Fu in the Riverbed. Also Kleintjie has seen there Neighbours Ningaloo leads the Charge on the Whiskers. Gump was running together with Thundercat to Ningaloo. Kleintjie and Mcdreamy was running to ella but Denmark was also running to Ella. Ningaloo has Won from Gump who was chased away by Woolf. Kleintjie and the two other females were fighting against Ella. Ella was lying in the Sand a Defend herself from the 3 females. Mcdreamy Was fighting verus Enili. Ningaloo charged Thundercat away from the Group but know he must go back to save his Family. Ella was still in the Fight with Kleintjie,Wales and Pilko. Ella was looking tired. The Whiskers were loosing the Battle. But also the Kung-Fu were looking tired. Gump and Marxxs were attacking the Pups of the Kung-Fu. Bean was come to save the pups Gump was looking for his father but only saw Ningaloo and a Dead meerkat in the Sand. Ningaloo spotted Gump and now was was running in his Direcion. the Fight in now 45 minutes old and Ella Was Deadly injured in her Tail and Head but escaped from the 3 females and maked calls that the Whiskers but follow her and retreat. Thundercat was returned and was now Fighting Ningaloo together with Gump but now they must Retreat. Kleintjie has won in a Battle of 45 Minutes the Riverbed. But sadly one meerkat died it was Simba from the Whiskers. The Kung-Fu were following Kleintjie back to the Foraging Place. Ella and the Whiskers were going back to the Burrow but the Whiskers were following Mcgee. Ella was injured a had very painful bite in her head she was weak and was loosing the Whiskers out of her eyes Sight . Mcgee not saw her mother and wait for Ella. Thundercat was looking for a Bolt hole and found one. McGee lead the Whiskers to the bolt hole and Ella quicly goes Down for Sleep and Recovering.

In Van Helsing territtory The Baobob and Aztecs were looking for food. Monlukus and Zaphod leading the Aztecs to the Foraging Place. Cruise was leading the Baobob to a other Territtory. But Cruise and her group were quikcly back in there own territtory and the Aztecs have Claimed the Territtory.

Oriole the evicted Whisker Female has Found a group of 5 meerkats. Wollow,Abaca and three females of the Lazuli. Oriole runs to the group and Quickly take the Posistion of Dominant Female. Wollow and Oriole were now leading the Viking Group. Abaca was pregnant from her Date with Wollow.

Next Epiosde: is Ella Recoverd from the Fight. Wollow and The Viking must have a Territtory and Claimed it away from the Aztecs

Episode 6: They Steal or LandEdit

In the previous episode of Meerkat Manor. We saw ella has got Deadly injured after the Fight with the Kung-Fu.

Its early in the Morning in a Bolt hole were the Whiskers lived for more then 3 days now. Ella was still very weak and three days in a row she stayed home for Babysitting. She not can follow the group her pain was terrible. McGee has taken the Charge over from Ella. Enili was weak from giving to birth to 2 Pups sadly one of them died in a few days. McGee and Princess Madcat were the first one that Emerge from the Burrow. Enili was the next to Emerge. McGee was looking Pregnant she was seen Mating with Arbal from the Baobob. Thundercat and 5 other meerkats came out and start with cleaning up the burrow. Ash,Brock and Oak three males from ella last litter born six weeks ago. Ash and Brock were starting to playfighing with eachoter. Ella was the Next to Emerge and was looking Weak but she was Recovering. McGee saw everyone was out and Lead the group with Ella six weeks old pups. Ella,Naggapatzi and Princess Madcat were Babysitting McGee six pups from four weeks old and Enili only pup from 1 week old. McGee was heading to Big Dune She saw Big Dune only a few weeks ago when Ella makes her Burrow move. Thundercat was the looking for a last time to the Bolt hole and then he Follows the Group.

At the Aztecs everything is not going well. Monlukus lead the Aztecs to Big Dune the last time she was leading her group to Big Dune she encounterd the Whiskers. Zaphod was babysitting the 3 weeks old Aztecs Pups. Darwin was looking out they were running over a big Field were a eagle can take easy a meerkat. Marmite was back from his Roving Days at the Baobob. In the mean Time the Aztecs were arrived at Big Dune. But the Aztec smell was gone it was Smelling like the Viking Group and Yes the Viking Claimed big Dune over from the Aztecs. Monlukus saw the Viking Group run away The Viking First saw the Aztecs and were Fleeding now. The males were now taking over ther Territory back from the Viking. Monlukus Now can Lead the Aztecs to a Foraging place on Big dune. It has Rained last Night and everywhere was food. Darwin get a Millipede and was following a big Scorpion he Steals always from the Little Pups. Cameron and Molly where Fighting for a Millipede but they were not looking and Squig was running away with the Millipede. Alonzo Mourning was on sentry Duty and he Spotted a meerkat in the Bush it was Arbal looking For Aztecs Females. Quickly all the Aztecs males were Chargeing Arbal. Monlukus was looking for her missing troops. Only Darwin and Dali returned in the Group and Soon Darwin and Dali were also looking for Dangerous Eagles. Alonzo Mourning and all the other males has Followed Arbal right into the Middle of Baobob Territory and Without Group all the Males have a Big Coalition for a Roving Trip. Back at the Aztecs Darwin has Spotted more Bad news for the Group it were the Viking back but with 10 of her missing troops the 15 aztecs and the 11 viking Monlukus must decided now She leads the Charge. From Big Dune the Whiskers were looking But with The Aztecs Chargeing the Viking the better can leave and McGee leads the back to the Burrow. Monlukus was searching for the Dominant Female but on that moment Oriole and Wollow were Retreating the Viking. Monlukus was looking for her new Enimies. The Aztecs were looking to the Sun that is gone Down and Monlukus lead them back to Burrow.

Alonzo mourning and the 10 Aztecs males has got 3 new Baobob males in the group. Al Pacino,Arbal and Toni. All the Baobob males were kicked out by Al Capone when Cruise when she was ready to mate again. Alonzo mourning and all the Males found a Baobob Burrow to sleep tommorrow they will search to the Baobob for some Females and Maybe the Posisition of Dominant Male

in the Next epiosde: The Whiskers were heading back to the burrow but find out that the Kung-Fu were taking over the burrow. And the Donkeys has finally left Kung-Fu territtory and were now in Sequoia territtory


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