The Meerkats is a show about a meerkat mob,the Silver Cats mob.It shows there struggle of living in the harsh derset.

Silver Catas:

Star:Top Kat




Sara:Careing meerkat

The Pawers:Evil

Petal:iron lady

The Cool Kats Edit

The Kalahari is a harsh place to live.But for these animals,it's home.They are called,Meerkats.These meerkats are called the Silver Cats.They have three square miles of scrub and bush.They may be small,but they can be viscous like us.But they are still the kings of the Kalahri.

Star is the first one up.As the dominate female,she must get to work early.Porter is next up.He must keep an eye on the unrealted males,since he is the dominate male.Porter keeps a lookout,while Drew is next up.Star tidies the burrow entrance.Then,Star stops the group.The family looks at the burrow.Then,a tiny pup walks out.Today is the day Star's 4 pups,Villat,Kat,Brad,and Edmoud,arecome out of the burrow after three weeks of darkness.Sara helps Villat,who is too scared to come out.After all the pups come out,Star leads the family to find breakfast.Sara and Drew are babysiting.Along with Pairs.But a rover,Dino is watching them.