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The Meerkat Team

The Meerkat Team is a collection of Keeper Smith's Meerkat Tales series and of the different meerkat family sagas that have premeired on national TV.

Meerkat TalesEdit

All 18 books are availible as a part of The Meerkat Team collection. They are available in three different divisions.

1. Inspirations collection:

Book 1: Kimberly's Courage

Book 9: In Maybelline's Eyes

Book 13: Nyra the Conqueror

2. Whiskers Legends

Book 2: Ella's Triumphs

Book 3: Flower's Legacy

Book 4: Mighty Monkulus

Book 5: Rocket Dog's Story

Book 11:

Book 15: Risca's Rule

Book 17: To Be King

3. Meerkats from the KMP

Book 6: Zaphod; King of Kings

Book 7: Zorilla's Rise to Power

Book 10: Moomins Matriarch Grumpy

Book 12: Asterix of the Young Ones

Book 14: Alpha Yossarian

Book 16: Kleintjie, Master of Kung Fu

Book 18: Cazanna's Conquest

Book 19: The Legend of Kolo

Book 20: Rhian's Manor

They are availible at any book store and do come in these divisions. Each book has roughly over 200 pages and around 20 chapters.

Meerkat DocumenteriesEdit

Any meerkat documentary seen on TV is typed up word for word (with publications and producers names listed) and availible as part of The Meerkat Team collection.

Meerkat Manor: The Meerkat Mob

Meerkat Manor season 1

Meerkat Manor season 2

Meerkat Manor season 3

Meerkat Manor, the next generation, season 4

Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom: Meerkats Unmasked

The Meerkats

Balance of Power part 1

Balance of Power part 2

Balance of Power part 3

A Kalahari Saga/ a meerkat family saga

Meerkats United

Meerkats Divided

Meerkat Madness

All rights and copywrite of The Meerkat Team belong to Keeper Smith (KeeperS/RussleH). See my page if you have any questions.

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