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The Meerkat Chronicles Season One Episode One: Cataclysmic Chaos


The Solar Mob is the second biggest Meerkat family in the Ziberian Desert. They have Over 24 Members in the group which is pretty impressive. Olly is the Dominant Female. She has a collar on so she can be found. Her Partner and Dominant Male is Indus.

        It's Summer in the Ziberian Desert, and the Solar Mob is out foraging. They are foraging for food on the border 

of Dragon Fire Mob Territory. Indus the Dominant Male is on sentry duty keeping watch in case a predator or a enemy family came came with-in striking distance of his Family. Back at the Solar Mob burrow Amelie fed Ashley the only pup for the summer. Just a month before Ashley was born Panama evicted Amelie, but when Panama gave birth to Ashley Amelie was welcomed back into the family. Ashley is now three weeks old although she is half blind she is a strong little pup. Back with the foraging party Indus spots another family heading in their direction, and alerts the others.

It's a mob called the Dragon Fire and they have a large family with over 35 members. Their Dominant pair are Strawberry and Jerry Lewis. Once the family is gathered up The Solar Mob lead a charge towards the Dragon Fire. When the two mobs clash Indus and two of his sons Sonic and Shadow take on Jerry Lewis.

	The fighting lasts for several minutes but  in the end the Solar Mob emerge emerge victorious. The Dragon Fire retreats 

leaving the solar Mob in peace. With a win and their bellies full The Solar Mob heads back to their burrow. But Indus knows the battle for land has only begun.

	Next time on the Meerkat Chronicles Olly is pregnant with her third litter of the year.

End of Episode One

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