This is about my mob, the Mathers. I hope you like this show.

Meet the Mathers meerkatsEdit

Lilly : Dominant female

Bear : Dominant male

Sam: A big lover

Jelly: Rebellious eldest subordinate

Splinter : Envious romeo

Nancy: Sadastic outcast

Kathy : Fearful female

Debbie: Lilly's favourite little girl

Carlos: The rascally little boy

Meet the Holden meerkatsEdit

Athi: Dominant female

Scar: Dominant male

Santa: Splinter's biggest competition

Rain: Athi's pain in the tail

Rico:Calm romeo

Sear: Loyal brute

Bob: Brave rover

Ronnie: Bob's fierce follower

Pia: Unsuspecting touble maker

1. The big reveal

Meet the Mathers. This group is lead by Lilly and Bear.  It is a medium sized group of 12 meerkats and they are fierce, along with their biggest rivals, the Holden. Lilly has a radio collar around her neck so the group can be tracked, so we will watch their lives and struggles, to remain a powerful group. It's a busy day at the Mathers. Lilly's first litter in the group are coming out for the first time. First out is Carlos. He is quite a rascal, running the group crazy on his first day out of the burrow. His more composed sister Debbie comes out.

More to come

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