The IMP is a project that studys Meerkats on a fiction island called Zaza Island.It was stared in 2007.The frist mob to be desscares was the Kit Kats Mob.The study place is in Sakja where all of the Meerkat grupes live.The IMP study's evry meerkat speacaies but mostley study's the Kalahari Meerkat.The workers train the meerkats to allow them to come closer.Here are the meerkat mobs, Kalahari Meerkat: Kit Kats Mob, Jat Dogs Mob, Flame Mob

Sleader Tail Meerkat: Dash Mob, Dark Light Mob,

Red Meerkat Doggoie mob The Asher mob was the main mob that formed the Kit Kats,Jat Dogs,and the Flame mob.They were really never studdied,though they were sometimes rivals. CODES There are meerkat codes for every meerkat.

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