The Desret Kats is a show just like Meerkat Manor, but you can hear the meerkat's thoughts. The main mob is the Kit Kats Mob. It is the true story of them and there hard times survieng in the Kalahari Desert. Enjoy:) there is a made up mob, that is the Kit Kat's rivals in the show. There not real.


Kit KatsEdit

Roseanata [Dominante Female

Prey [Dominant Male]

Dream [Sweet One]

Maxwell [Brave One]

Dinsey [Resilant One]

Dinomite [Troublermaker]


Episode 1:(you can make up a name for this eposoid.)Edit

Somewhere in the Derset, lays a family of meerkats called the Kit Kats.There leader Roseanta has numbered the group to 23. The Kit Kats are doing the best they can to survive, but with there strong leader, they can do anything.

It's early in the morning in the derset,and the the dominant female of the Kit Kats, Roseanta, is first up. Then one by one, the Kit Kats get up and do there jobs. Prey the dominant male, makes them stop for a reason. Roseanta's new pups are coming out of the burrow.