Tezacatlipoca Anasazi

Tezacatlipoca as domiant male

Anasazis and Marcial Eagles
Yes, of the Anasazis and Marial Eagles
Date of Birth
Maybe Quetzalcoatl
Xilonen and Dragon's Fist
Pluto Anasazi, Shinichi Marcial Eagles and Yóko Marcial Eagles
Known For
Kicking out Ayrcon and became the dominant male of the Marcial Eagles


Tezacatlipoca (VAIM006) was first seen in February, 2010 when the Anasazis Mob was habituated. Atlatonan and Quetzalcoalt were the dominant pair, but he was the brother of the dominant male. He soon mated with a subordinate female, Xilonen and gave to his first litter of pups. Sadly all the pups except Pluto were killed by Atlatonan. And little Pluto was dropped by a teenagear, but amaigzily was adopted by the Kool Kats Mob. He soon started to challange his brother and soon was the winner. He overthrew his brother on July, 2011. Atlatonan soon became pregneat and gave birth to his second survived litter in September, 2012, consited of four pups: Popocatepetl (VAZIM028), Iztaccihuatl (VAZIF027), Tzitzimime (VAZIF030) and Ayauhteotl (VAZIF031). He soon mated again with Atlatonan and gave birth to a new litter on December, 2011 consited of three pups: Malinalxochitl (VAZIF032), Tonatiuh (VAZIM033), and Paynal (VAZIM034). He wasn´t a caring father, but aloyal mate. Quetzalcoalt soon became bored of his subordinate position and attack him, but lose. He mated with Atlatonan one more time, but aborted. Quetzalcoalt became angry and overthrew Tezacatlipoca in May, 2012. He soon left the group to rove with four other males, Itzli (VAIM014), Patecatl (VAIM016), Chalmecatecuchtlz (VAIM019) and Atlaua (VAIM020). He left the group foe good and didn't return.

Marcial EaglesEdit

The males across a little group named  the Marcial Eagles Mob. The most of the members were young teenegears and females, it was only one Rockkat male named Ayrcon. They easily joined them and kicked out Ayrcon. The same month of they immigration, three of the males, Itzli, Patecatl and Chalmecatecuchtlz left the group with two of the females and form the Romans Mob. Soon the dominant female Dragon's Fist became pregneat by him and gave birth to two pups: Shinichi (VMEM016) and Yóko (VMEF017). Tezacatlipoca still alive living in the Marcial Eagles today as thier dominant male.


Anasazis Mob

Marcial Eagles Mob

Dragon's Fist Kung Fu

Pluto Anasazi

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