Tekla Drie Doring
Formerly of the Vampires
Date of Birth
January 20, 2008
Makonkie and Osprey
Nikita, Buddah and Trinity
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Vampires

Drie DoringEdit

TeklaVDF031) was born in the Drie Doring on January 20, 2008. Her mother was Makonkie and her father was Osprey. Her litter-mates were her two sisters Trinity(VDF030) and Nikita(VDF032) and one brother Buddah(VDM033). The Drie Doring was a big mob at the times so all four pups survived to adulthood.. Her mother Makonkie died on August 1, 2008 and her older sister Mist took over as the dominant female. Her father Osprey left the group and Finn MacCool over over as the dominant male. Mist gave birth to a new litter. Tekla was old enought o babysit now. Her and her sisters and brother started babysitting and taking sentry duties. Tekla and her sisters were the oldest females under they older sister Mist. She evicted Tekla, Trinity and Nikita from the group and they met up with some JaXX males in October 2009.


The new group was called the Vampires Mob. Male dominance was quickly taken by the eldest of the males Spike and being the dominant male with exclusive breeding rights, he mated with all three females. The sister fought for dominance and all the females were pregnant but it was Trinity who claimed dominance soon after she gave birth. She was the first to give birth but her litter was killed by her sister Tekla. She then gave birth but her litter was also killed by Nikita. She gave birth to Kaname, Seiren and Ruka on December 27, 2009. In April Trinity gave birth to a new litter and Tekla overthrew her becoming the dominant female. Tekla gave birth to Maria and Shindo on June 28, 2010. In August Trinity challanged Tekla for dominance and overthrew her becoming the dominant female again. Tekla went back to being a subodrinate female. In December 2010, Trinity evicted Tekla and Nikita from the group and she disappared, presumed to have been predated because only Nikita rejoined the group alone.


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