Tasha Klingons

Tasha Klingons

Yes of the Explorers
Date of Birth
August 15, 2006
Babbelas and Lause
Kirk, Sela and Scotty
VEXF001, VEXM002, VEXF003, VEXM004, VEXM008, VEXF009 and VEXF010
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Explorers


Tasha(VKLF002) was born on August 2006 in the Klingons Mob. Her mother was Babbleas and father was Lause the new dominant pair of the newly formed Klingons. She was born in a litter of four with her two brothers named Kirk(VKLM001) and Scotty(VKLM003) and one sister named Sela(VKLF004). They were the first litter ever born in the Klingons. Her mother managed to hold on to her status as dominant female for almost two years. She died on December 19, 2007 and her sister Babbaline rejoined the group and took dominance. Lause was predated on January 27, 2008 and Fernardo took male dominance. Tasha's aunt Babbaline only hold dominance for seven month before she died. Leila took dominance after her and remained the dominant female for two years. Two Whiskers males Spud and Ren joined the group and Spud took over as dominant male. He was the dominant male for a year. Tasha was often evicted with her sister after Leila evicted her sisters. In May 2009, she was evicted along with her litter-mate sister Sela and younger sister Sulu and Ogawa.


The four females soon met up with four rovers from the Wildkats to form their own mob known as the Explorers. The oldest of the males Cicatriz established dominance. Tasha was one of the oldest females but she was not able to take dominance right away. Even though Sela was the same age Tasha, Sela didn't compete much and Tasha's biggest rival was Sulu. Tasha finally won dominance and became the dominant female, soon after Sulu aborted. Tasha got pregnant and on October 28, 2009 she gave birth to VEXF001, VEXM002, VEXF003 and VEXM004. All four pups survived. Tasha lost her next litter to Sulu who was pregnant however Sela gave birth to three pups. Tasha became pregnant again and gave birth to VEXM008, VEXF009 and VEXF010 on May 13, 2010. Tasha is still the dominant female of the Explorers today.


Klingons Mob

Explorers Mob

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