Taboo Elves


Yes of the Voodoo
Date of Birth
January 16, 2003
Known For
Dominant Female of the Voodoo
Also Known For
Ousting her sister Scarlet


Taboo(XEF002) was born in the Elves mob on Jaunaury 16, 2003. Her mother was Fairy the dominant female and her father was Elf the dominant male. Her litter-mates were Scarlet(XEF001) and Bomber Man(XEM003).They were Fairy's first litter ever and the first born in the Elves. Taboo and her litter-mates survived. On April 15, 2003 Fairy gave birth to her second litter. Taboo and her siblings were no longer the pups of the new gorup. Fairy kept producing litters on aa ragular basis. Fairy's sisters also produced litters. Taboo's aunts Sprite, Goblin and litter-mate sister Scarlet were evicted in May 2005. Her aunts were seen with five wild males but her sister Sacrlet rejoined the group. Now Taboo and Scarlet were the oldest female in the group. A month before her younger sister Echo and younger brother Cosmo were seperated from the group. They teamed up with Warlock anf Thunderbird and formed a new gorup with some new males. They were called the Hobbits. On October 26, 2005 Fairy evicted her eldest daughters Taboo, Scarlet, Songbird and Tinker Bell. The females din't rejoin the gorup. They teamed up with some Young Ones males to form a new group called the Voodoo.


A male named Ozzy assumed male dominance on the first day. The other males were Grog and Sepp. Female dominance was open to Taboo but her sister Scarlet started to act as dominant female making lead calls and bossing the other females around. She appemted to asert her dominance over Taboo but she would have none of it. Taboo attacked her litter-mate sister and forced her into submission. After ousting her sister Taboo became the new dominant female of the Voodoo. She mated with her new mate Ozzy and on January 30, 2006 she gave birth to her first litters of pups just days after her third birthday. The pups were Togo, Buta, Andy and Fuji. All four pups survived. Her sister also gave birth on April 12, 2006 to her first litter of pups. Her pups were Flap, Tap and Snap. All three survived. In July 2006 she evicted her sister Scarlet after a dominant fight. Taboo is pregant at the moment and due to give birth next month.


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