Suzie Cobras

Suzie Cobras

Formerly of the Pythons
Date of Birth
First Seen: January 16, 2009
First Seen with Tasmin and Shelly
Unknown and Monty
Shake Cobras, Cobie Cobras, Zoot Pythons, Dr. Winston Pythons, Herbert Pythons and Maynard Pythons
Known For
Second dominant female of the Pythons



Suzie(VCAF006) was first seen on January 16, 2009 in the Cobras. She was born in a wild mob. Her litter-mate may have been Shelly. She was evicted with Shelly along with Tasmin. They joined some wild males and formed a new group.


Tasmin took the role of dominant female along with Butch. Tasmin killed Suzie's pups and then Shelly's and gave birth to the first litter. Suzie mated with a rover and gave birth to Shake and Cobie on May 27, 2009. They were her first pups ever. Suzie was evicted a lot by Tasmin. She was evicted with Shelly in January. They joined three wild males and formed a new group.


The new group was called the Pythons Mob. Wild male Monty took the roll of dominant male on the first day. Suzie had a chance a being the dominant female but her sister ousted her and became the dominant female. Suzie was not going to let her sister lead the group. After Shelly gave birth to her litter Suzie over threw her and became the dominant female. Suzie gave birth to four Maynard, Zoot, Herbert and Dr. Winston on August 25, 2010. Shelly rejoined the group and over threw Suzie and became the dominant female again. Shelly evicted Suzie and gave birth to a new litter of pups. While evicted Suzie was killed by a predator. She was found dead on December 14, 2010.


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Sisters: Tasmin and Shelly

Mates: Unknown and Monty

First litter born on May 27, 2009 fathered by unknown

Cobie (VCAM010)

Shack (VCAM011)

Second litter born on August 25, 2010 fathered by Monty

Zoot (VPYF008)

Dr. Winston (VPYF009)

Herbert (VPYM010)

Maynard (VPYM011)


Cobras Mob

Pythons Mob

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