Sundance Whiskers

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Yes of the Isikaras
Date of Birth
November 11, 2005
Flower and Zaphod
Bananas, Butch Cassidy, Orinoco and Alonzo Mourning
Copycat, Firefly, Spice, Bronze, Inky, Envy...etc...etc...
Known For
Dominant Female of the Isikaras

Whiskers[edit | edit source]

Sundance(VWF099) was born in the Whiskers on November 11, 2005. Her mother was Flower and her father was Zaphod. Her litter-mates were her one sister Bananas(VWF097) and three brothers Butch Cassidy(VWM098), Orinoco(VWM101) and Alonzo Mourning(VWM100). When Sundance was a pup she wandered away from the rest of the but was brought back by her older brother Mitch. Sadly Sundance's mother died in Janaury 2007 and Rocket Dog became the new dominant female. Her sister Bananas left the group and help form the Aztecs, later Alonzo Mourning and Orinoco left to join the Aztecs. Sundance was evicted in early 2007 along with Sophie and Izzy.

Diggers[edit | edit source]

The three females form the Diggers with some rovers. Sophie the oldest became the dominant female. Sundance remained in the group as a babysitter but was evicted a few times. Sundance never had any pups in the Diggers but was a good babysitter. She was evicted with Izzy by Sohpie and left the group.

Isikaras[edit | edit source]

Sundance and Izzy met up with some rovers and formed the Isikaras Mob. Sundance became the dominant female and Indus Rascal became her mate. She gave birth to Copycat, Firefly, Spice and Bronze on April 14, 2010. Despite the lack of adults, all four pups survived and on September 22, 2010, Sundance gave birth to her second litter of pups Inky and his sister Envy. Sundance is still the dominant female today and has mothered many litters already, her first famous litter being known as the "Volcanic Quads" with the largest meerkat and second largest, both named after volcanos. Her second litter, born on October 31st 2012 had a albino meerkat named Rozi and a leucistic meerkat named Wait-a-Minute.

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