The Stormkats mob were founded by a group of wild meerkats.

Dominant pairEdit

Dominace was held by Nala and Simba. Though Lelana, nala's slightly older half-sister seems have been dominant female before.

Current membersEdit

Simba (VSRM001) Dominant male

Nala (VSRF002)

Lelana (VSRF003)

Tiga (VSRM004)

Tyler (VSRM005)

Alou (VSRF006)

Jack (VSRM007)

Wilie (VSRM008)

Maxine (VSRF009)

Kangro (VSRM010)

Ranjah (VSRM011)

Kira (VSRF012)

Mimi (VSRF013)








Little leopard (VSRF021)

Mango (VSRF022)

Snatch (VSRM023)

Rival mobsEdit

There rivals are the Puzzels and a wild group.


November 2010: The Group was first started.

November 2010: Simba and Nala are declared dominant pair. Lelana is pregnant.

November 2010: The group encounter a wild group)

December 2010: Nala, Alou and Snowflake are pregnant.

December 2010: Tyler, Tiga, and Ranjah go roving.

January 2011: Lelana gives birth to (VSRF015) and (VSRF016). Snowflake aborts. The rovers return. Group encounter Puzzeles two times.

January 2011; Nala and Alou give births to a mix litter.

Febuary 2011: Jack and Kangro go roving. Mimi is pregnant. Mimi aborts. Group enciunter wild group.

March 2011: Snowflake is pregnant. Nala evicts Snowflake.

April 2011: Snowflake is let back in. Simba is seen mating with Maxine. Kangro returns but Jack is still missing. Snowflake's gives birth but her litter is killed by Nala.

April 2011: Maxine is pregnant. Nalais pregnant.

May 2011: Nala aborts. Maxine gives birth to Little Leopard, Mango, and Snatch.

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