Stato Whiskers


Stato and his two litter-mate sisters Baddieland Skinner  were born on February 22, 2002 in the Whiskers Mob. His mother was Flower  and his father was Zaphod. Stato and his siblings were actually the first surviving litter to be born in the Whiskers to Flower. Stato makes it to adulthood. His sister Skinner disappeares soon after. His other sister Baddile was evicted from the group. Stato stayed in the Whiskers for three years year and before he left the Whiskers family to rove with some of the other males.


They joined the Gattaca where Big Will took dominance. Stato stayed in the Gattaca til 2007 when eh finally left and joined some evicted females.


The formed the Simpsons Mob. Stato became the dominant male along with Marge but she soon died and Lambert took her place. However Parker over threw her and became Stato's new mate. Lambert died leaving Parker as the dominant female.

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