The Starlings were the third group formed by four females, two males and one juvenile male. Prairie Dog and Buck have settled into the dominant position. After the death of the dominant pair, Bonet became the dominant female with a Zerg male named Falcore.

Dominant Pair[edit | edit source]

One of the adult males Buck established dominance over the group without much difficulty from his cripled brother. Prarie Dog eventully established domince over her sisters however Diva kept challanging her status. After three years Buck was found dead, thought to have died of old age. His sons held dominance after hom. Prairie Dog retained her dominance for five years till her death. Her daughter Bonet became the dominant female after her with a Zerg rover named Falcore.

Current Members[edit | edit source]

The Starlings have 15 members as of Janaury 2000.

Priarie Dog (VSF001) Dominant Female

Buck (VSM005) Dominant Male

Diva (VSF002)

Tilly (VSF003)


Frolic (VS006)

Cowboy (VSM007)

Tiny (VSF008)

Dot (VSF009)

Midget (VSF010)

Giant (VSM011)





All known Members[edit | edit source]

A list of meerkats born or joined the Starlings.

Prairie Dog (VSF001)

Diva (VSF002)

Tilly (VSF003)


Buck (VSM005)

Frolic (VSM006)

Cowboy (VSM007)

Tiny (VSF008)

Dot (VSF009)

Midget (VSF010)

Giant (VSM011)

Rivals[edit | edit source]

The Starslings hold a territory near the Diggers Mob and the Furries Mob. Later the Littles and Hermits moved in near the Starlings territory.

History[edit | edit source]

Janaury 2000: Prairie Dog, Diva, Tilly, Sallly and Cowboy were released. Later than month Buck and Frolic were brought to the group. Buck became the dominant male.

February 2000: Prairie Dog became the dominant female. Diva was evicted. Three encounters with Furries.

March 2000: Prairie Dog and Diva were pregnant. Sally aborted. Diva and Tilly were evicted. Two encounters with Furries.

April 2000: Prairie Dog was preganent. Diva aborted. Tilly lost her litter. Diva, Tilly and Sally were evicted. One encounter with Furries.

May 2000: Prairie Dog gave birth to Tiny, Dot, Midget and Giant.

June 2000: Tilly was pregnant.

July 2000: Tilly aborted.

August 2000: Prairie Dog aborted. Sally was pregnant. Frolic went roving.

September 2000: Sally lost her litter. Diva aborted. Frolic and Cowboy went roving.

November 2000: Prairie Dog was pregnant. Diva and Tilly were evicted.

December 2000: Prairie Dog gave birth to VSP012, VSP013, VSP014 and VSP015.

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