Wild mob Edit

Star(VSC001) was born March 1,2004. in a wild mob.She was the only names meerkat so her parents and litter mates were unnamed.Star had two litter mates,who died befor they came out of the burrow.Star mated with a male from the Pawers in 2007.She was evicted on Arpil 31,2007.But she found ten males and three females and the formed the Silver Cats Mob.

Silver Cats Edit

Star became the leader along with Porter.Star have birth to her first known litter on June 1,2007,to Flower and Drew.Tia gave birth,and the pups were able to live.Star did not evict her.Star gave birth again on Sempter 5,2007.But Olloa killed her litter and gave birth to Rexa.Star did evict Olla,but allowed Reca to live.Star gave birth to VSC00?,Zapper and Anna.Star killed Olla's pups and evicted her.Star then found a wild mob,but the wild mob ran away,abounding two pups,Peach and Mario.Star found them,and was about to kill them till she allowed them in the family.After that,Star gave birth to Lillieput and VSC???.Star evicted Anna on Januray 1,2008.Star then evicted Daha.Star allowed Anna to return two days after since she was so young.Star allowed Daha to return after a week.Star gave birth again on July 1,2008 to Ellie and Prince.She evicted Olla again,who died later.But on Januray 1,2009,Star found a Jakle that came near her,but Porter bravely risked his life,and tried to hurt the Jakle,but he was killed by it.There wasn't a dominate male for a month.Many meerkats soon left the group,after Ben joined the group and became the dominate male.There was only 8 meerkats,including Star.Star mated with Ben,and gave birth to Maya and VSC???.Things finnally looked up for the Silver Cats when many males joined and Star allowed two evicted females to joinStar gave birth to Moomies and Digeo on May 1,2010.Star evicted Anna and Pairs.Ben was bitten by a snake,but he lived.Star gave birth again two months later to three pups.But the pups were killed by Ellie.Star allwoed Anna and Pairs to return.Star was badly beaten in a battle,and had a small scar on her neck,but a huge scar on her tale.She almost died because she was left behind by her own family and beaten up.Star did survie.Star found out her family had abounded her,so she made her way tieless home.Ellie had tried to take her leadership,but Star found them was mad at Ellie.Ellie handed over leadership,and Star was proved as a noble leader and fighter.On Februay 13,2011,she gave birth to her newlast litter,two pups.Star and Ben still lead the Silver Shines today.

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