Star(VESF001) was born in an wild group.Her mother and father are unknown as well as her littermates.She She survived to adulthood and started babysitting and taking sentry. She was evicted by the dominant female in 2008 along with nine other females.and joined 5 wild males


The new group was called the Earthstorm Mob.Star easily won the position of dominant female for herself.Male dominace of the group was taken by Daffy, who was biggest and most likey the oldest of the males.That same month Star was pregnant for the first time.She gave birth to Vlad, Ghostfreak, Jade and Casey on January 14,2009.They were her first litter ever.In March Gwen was evicted by Millie but Star allowed her to rejoin and evicted Millie but allowed her to rejoin the group later that day..In April Wanda mated with a wild rover from a unknown wild group and May , both Wanda and Star were pregnant so Star evicted Wanda and Angie from the group and again gave birth on June 21,2009 to Jetray, Wendy, Rita and Jeff.She allowed Wanda , Angie and Millie to rejoin the group.Rosie gave birth to Pearl, Charles, Simon and Brittney on August 17, 2009.

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