Sprite Elveera

Sprite as the dominant male of the Young Ones


Sprite(VEM072) was born in Elveera on January 15, 2000. His mother was Bettik and his father was Mad Max(VDM093). His litter-mates were Goblin(VEM096), Nereid (VEM070), Imp(VEF071) and Elf(VEF073). Sprite lived in the Elveera group til adulthood. He would rove at time. He left the group in a roving trip in 2002 and came across a group that recently lost their dominant male. The other group was called Young Ones.

Young OnesEdit

Morguase won female dominance over her sister while Keros won male dominance. They stayed the dominant pair till 2002 when Keros died. Sprite took over as dominant male of Young Ones and became Morgause's new partner. Moraguse gave birth on May 5, 2002 Eddie, Alchemilli and Leo. They were Sprite's first litter but Moraguse was not new to parenthood. She had been a mother since 1995. The second litter was born on September 15 2002 Ivory, Shakti and Veda. Morgause gave birth to Mai Moya, Samaria, Khoik Khlo, Venda, Ndebele and Zulu on November 29, 2002. Moragsue lost or aborted her next few litters. She gave brith to Grog and Spaff on December 7, 2003. They were her last litter ever as well as Sprite's. Morgause die on February 18, 2004. Sprite's daughter Veda became the new dominant female even though Keros' last daughter Asterix was older. Sprite could have been Asterix's mate but with his daughter as the new dominant female, Asterix could not breed. Sprite had to rove since he could not mate with his daughter. Sprite died on April 24, 2004 after being predated while roving.


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