Spitfire Vivian


Yes of the Ninja
Rhian and Jim Bob
Nikita, Tomahawk and Mr. Dynamite
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Ninja


Spitfire(VVM120) was born on September 3, 2005 in the Vivian. His mother was dominant female Rhian and his father was dominant male Jim Bob. His litter-maters were Nikita(VVM118), Mr. Dynamite(VVM117) and Tomahawk(VVM119). He and his litter-mates survived to adulthood. The Vivian was a big group by then do to Rhian’s many litters. She did evicted females those. After she died his younger sister Calypso took dominance. The group had dwinlded to only Calypso, Toots, Mr. Chocolate, Toolangi, Tonker, Tomahawk and Spitfire. Then two wild males joined the gorup but were ousted by a gorup of Commando males. The males were Ketamine, Flash, Hector, Jasper, Dawker Wank, Baldsnacth and Moritz. Spitfire stayed in the gorup a little longer then he went roving with Tonker and Tomahawk and Command male Flash. They soon joined five eivcted females all of Whiskers origins but two were once in the Baobab. They called the Iguana.


Flash and Petra took dominance of the new group. Spitfire and his brother stayed in the new mob for yaer. Tonker disappeared in August of 2009. Spitfire and Tomahawk went roving in 2010 at the Aztecs. When they returned they discovered Beaker had been evicted. They stayed with her and Abaca from the Aztecs soon joined them. they formed a new mob called the Ninja.


Beaker took up female dominance of the new group. Spitfire took up male dominance of the new group. Abaca gave birth to two pups on April 23, 2010. Beaker gave birth in May to her first litter of Nunchakus, Tsuba,Yumi and Kama fathered by Spitfire. She is currently pregnant in August. Spitfire and Beaker are still the dominant pair of the Ninja today.


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Ninja Mob

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