Spike JaXX


Yes of the Vampires
Date of Birth
May 11, 2008
Papillon and Sid Vicious
Trinity, Tekla and Nikita
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Vampires


Spike(VJXM001) was born in the JaXX mob on May 11, 2008. His mother was Papillon and his father was the dominane male Sid Vicious. He was born with one litter-mates named Millie(VJXF002). His mother wasn't the dominant but Diana was with Sid Visious but he was over thrown by Vince a wild male. They survived to adutlhood. Diana kept producing litters. Soon Spike began to rove at other groups. He left the group with Vince, Karhaan and Boost whent hey were seperated and could not find there way back to the JaXX in May 2009.

Kool KatsEdit

The males soon joined a small group of wild meerkats known as the Kool Kats. There was no adult males within this group and there was only two adult females, Cheetra and Amari. Since the males could not find their way back tot he JaXX they settled down in the Kool Kats. Vince took up male dominance becisde Cheetra. Spike and th eother two males did not compete with Vince for the right to be the dominant male. Spike was content with being a subordinate male for now because he was only a year old. Spike babysat and kept sentry. However he did not stay in this group for long. He, Karhaan and Boost later when roving in October 2009 and left the group for good.


Spike reappeared with three evicted Drie Doring females and formed the Vampires. Spike was the oldest of the males so he took the role of dominant male without any trouble from the other two males. Being the dominant male he mated with all three of the females. All the females were he same age and had a harder time settling dominance but finally Trinity became dominant female and Spike's mate. However all the females gave birth only Nikita's litter survived. Trinity gave birth to Ichiru, Zero and Yuki on April 16, 2010 but was soon overthrwon by her sister Tekla. Tekla gave birth to Maria and Shindo on June 28, 2010. In August Trinity overthrew Tekla and became the dominant female again. Spike is still the dominant pair of the Vampires today.


JaXX Mob

Vampires Mob

Trinity Drie Doring

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