Spectra Vexos

Spectra Vexos

Yes of the Umbra Mob
Date of Birth
April 22, 2002
Known For
Dominant Male of the Umbra


Spectra(VVXM007) was born on April 22, 2002 in the Vexos. His mother was Eries and her father was Professor Clay. He had one litter-mate sister named gave Mira(VVXF008). Before they were born the Vexos had split but rejoined. His mother Eries and father Professor Clay had taken dominance of the splinter group but when they rejoined they were forced to be subordinates again. Spectra and his sisters survived to adulthood. After dominant female Millerna, the postion of dominant female was open but his sister Mira lost dominance to Mylene who took over as dominant female. Hydron took over as dominant male. Zenoheld and his father Professor Clay left and joined the Minions. On June 13, 2003 Mylene gave birth to Elico, Macubass and Theta after mating with a rover. Then Volt over threw Hydron and took over as dominant male. In September 2003 Mylene evicted Mira from the group. She formed the Bakugan group with wild meerkats. Then Mylene gave birth on October 28, 2003 to Stoic, Ren, Sid and Lena. In June 2004 five Pegasus females Naga, Siren, Sileni and Gnome joined the group kicked Mylene out. She left the group and came across Mira's new group called the Bakugan. His father reappeared rejoined the group but soon left with Hydron, Shadow and Lync and formed the Kalabari with Xerus females. Spectra was the last of his litter to remain in the Vexos.


In late 2007 he, Gus and Dryiod went roving and met up with a Sagitaruis female. They stayed together and formed the Umbra Mob. Spectra being the oldest male, established himself as the dominant male. The Sagitarius female named Crystal became the dominant female. Spectra is still the dominant male of the Umbra mob today.


Mother: Eries

Father: Professor Clay

Sister: Mira

Mate: Crystal


Vexos Mob

Professor Clay Vexos

Mira Vexos

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