Sparky Topaz
Sparky and Lyric grooming

Sparky and Lyric grooming.

Sparky Topaz (VTM036) is the current (and fifth) dominant male of the Topaz Mob. His origins are unknown, but when he was first spotted he was believed to be about two years old. He was first spotted in mid 2014 when he was roving around the Topaz Mob. The current dominant male Flash, who was three years old and slightly larger. But somehow Sparky managed to invade the group and take over as dominant male. With a new dominant male Mila finally had a secure mate. She and him however only produced one litter, possibly due to Mila's old age. After her death, Lyric took the position of dominant female and Sparky remained the dominant male they have since had three litters together. Sadly on July 25th Lyric was bit by a Pitt Viper. The venom slowly killed her, and she died in a Bolt Hole, Sparky never left his mate's side until the very end. Sparky is still the dominant male and now is joined up with Cupcake, the new dominant female.


First Litter Born on August 22, 2014, mothered by Mila

Ellen (VTF030), Chloe (VTF031), and Allison (VTF032)

Second Litter Born on January 24, 2016, mothered by Lyric

Lu Ten (VTM037), Fok Mee (VTF033), Fok U (VTF034), Sokka (VTM038), Jumanji (VTM039), Katara (VTF035), and Blue Man (VTM040)

Third Litter Born on April 17, 2016, mothered by Lyric

Pink Mouse (VTM041), Poppins (VTF036), Odysseus (VTM042), and Chrissie Kristen (VTF037)

Fourth Litter Born on July 11, 2016, mothered by Lyric

Cynthia (VTF038) and Bubbles (VTF039)

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