Sophie Whiskers

Ella Whiskers(VWF095)

Date of Birth
September 27, 2004
Mozart and JD
Spud, Tina Sparkle and Pozzie
Wilson and Sqeak
Flashmen, Chips, Pickles and Patch
Known For
Mozart's rebellious daughter

Sophie was born on September 27, 2004 in the Whiskers. Her mother was Mozart and her father was JD. Her litter-mates were two brothers Spud and Pozzie and Tina Sparkle. They were Mozart's first litter. They survived to adulthood. Sophie and her sister often babysat for Flower's pups. After Flower died, Rocket Dog became dominant female. Tina Sparkle was evicted and left with Suggs. They joined four wild meerkats and formed the Hoax.The Aztecs were formed but Sophie didn't join them. Her brothers left to rove and she was now the last of her litter in the group. Sophie was three years old and so far had kept in her place. Then she met Wilson a rover from the Commandos. She mated with him and gave birth on February 7, 2008 Fashmen, Chips and Pickles. They wer eher first litter ever. Sophie started to rebel against Rocket Dog, being the next oldest female in the group. Rocket Dog started to evicted her more and more. For a night Rocket Dog went roving to mate with Dave. Sophie started to act as leader but Wile Kat and Rita fought her for the status. Rocket Dog returned and put Sophie in her place. Sophie than mated with Sqeak a Lazuli male. She gave birth to July 29, 2008 to Patch. Sophie and her pup were abandon but she was chased by the Doppelganger back to the Whiskers. Rocket Dog allowed her and her pup to rejoin the group. Sophie is still in the Whiskers today.


Whiskers Mob

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