Sophie Pound Puppies


Date of Birth
July 26, 2009
Dizzy and Hugo
Lyric, Kookie and Sparky
Known For
Khasar's plaything

Pound PuppiesEdit

Sophie(VPPF053) was born in the Pound Puppies Mob on July 26, 2009. Her mother was Dizzy and her father was Hugo. Her litter-mates were her one sisters Lyric(VPPF052) and )and TWObrothers Kookie(VPPM051) and Sparky(VPPM054). Her father lost dominance to Hugo. Then Pookie made a burrow move. He carried Sophie away. the other members followed him. Hugo and Dizzy attacked the other meerkats who were carrying the pups. Pookie ran away leaving Sophie. Balboa and Atlas went to go get her. Balboa was carrying Youssy. Sophie disappeared along with Balboa, Atlas and Youssy. The amles returned to the group but with out Sophie. They couldn't find her. Sophie was luck, however, five rovers appeared and heard her cries. These males were from the Commandos. The males were Zorro, Ziggurat, Moltan, Khasar, Buta and Tegus who were roving for females. Sophie was just a pup and not the kind of female they were lookign for but instenct took over and the males took Sophie with them. It was Ziggurat who foudn her and carried her back with the other males. For some reason Khasar suddenly wanted her so he took Sophie from Ziggurat. They males kept on roving even with a pup. They soon joined three females and formed a new group.


The formed the Xerxes Mob. The females were Zula, Tina Sparkle and Ju Drop. Zula and Zorro assumed dominance of the new group. Sophie was the only female not to get pregnant since she was a pup. Only Zula's pups survived. Sophie was took young to babysit. Khasar one day purposely bit Sophie. Khasar was seenbitting one of the pups but Zorro attacked him. Khasar then took his anger out on Sophie. He was seen attacking her and chasing her around. None of the other meerkats did any thing at first. Theys eem confused. Finally Zorro made him stop. From then on Khasar often attack and picked on Sophie. He picked her up and carried her away from the group and they disappeared for a few days. They returned and Sophie looked liek she got in a fight. Khasar started disappeared with Sophie. He was thought to be roving but he never appeared at other near by groups and aways left with Sohpie and returned with her. Sohpue begant ot grow slowly due to the lack of food, Khasar always stole from her. She remain small. Khasar grew to be one of the biggest meerkats in the group beside Zorro and Ziggurat. Khasar still pickes on her even if she was an adult. Sophie started to babysit, which seemed to be the only days she got away from Khasar. Sophie is still alive in the Xerxes today.


Mother: Dizzy

Father: Hugo

Sister: Lyric

Brothers: Sparky and Kookie


Pound Puppies Mob

Xerxes Mob

Khasar Commandos

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