Solar Mob
Meerkats kalahari
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Date of Forming
November 2009
Olly Amelie Scary Mary Oujamaflip Sober Ana Panama Indus Saignee and Fritz
Dominant Female(s)
Olly Amelie Flower and Sally
Dominant Male(s)
Indus Fritz and Chocolate Fudge
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Flower and Olive
Roving Meerkat(s)

The Solar mob was founded in |Number Of Members: 39 |Evicted Meerkat(s): Chocolate Fudge |Roving Meerkat(s): None |Pup(s): 9 November 2009 by six evicted Gattaca female who teamed up with three Rascal rovers. Olly and Indus became the dominant pair. Olly dissapeared and Amelie took her place but was soon overthrown by Flower. Flower soon became pregnant and gave birth to Sheldon (ZSM021)

Leonard (ZSM022), Howard (ZSM023) and Raj (ZSM024). In January 2011 Flower lost dominance to Sally but her reign was short lived when in February 2011 Olly reappeared and took back control of the group. In March 2011 Olly was heavily pregnant, and Flower was evicted from the group.

Dominant PairEdit

The two oldest meerkats Olly and Indus became the dominant pair. After Olly's dissapearance Amelie became leader but was overthrown by Flower. A young Dragonfire Male named Chocolate Fudge joined and overthrew Indus but allowed him to stay. But two months later Fritz overthrew Chocolate Fudge but allowed him to stay. In February of 2011 Olly reappeared and overthrew Amelie to reassume dominance of the Solar Mob

Current MembersEdit

The Solar Mob has 27 members as of January 2011. Olly (VGG024) Dominant Female

Indus (VLM121) Dominant Male

Fritz (VRRP119)

Amelie (VGGF027)

Scary Mary (VGGF031)

Saignee (VRRP117)

Chocolate Fudge (VDM007)

Tasha (VSF001)

Sonic (VSM002)

Knuckles (VSM003)

Sonia (VSF004)

Cream (VSF005)

Manic (VSM006)

Shadow (VSM007

Rouge (VSF008)

Silver (VSM009)

Eggman (ZSM010)

Storm (ZSM011)

E-123 Omega (VSM012)

Amy (VSF013)

E-103 Betta (VSF014)

Sally (VSF015)

Olive (VSF016)

Spit Fire (VSM017)

Monkey Man (VSM018)

Link (VSM019)

Flower (VSF020)