The Slayers Mob was founded in May 2010 by 5 wild females and 5 wild males.

Dominant PairEdit

Wild female Ember and wild male Delta became the dominant pair.

Members Edit

The Slayers have 17 members as of February 2019.

Ember (VSLF001) Dominant Female

Delta (VSLM002) Dominant Male

River (VSLF112)

Gale (VSLF114)

Vale (VSLM115)

Raven (VSLF117)

Vale (VSLM118)

Basil (VSLM120)

Arum (VSLM121)

Sorrel (VSLF122)

Rowan (VSLM124)

Jade (VSLF125)

Blaze (VSLF127)

Mica (VSLF129)

Bramble (VSLF131)

Valley (VSLM133)

Jade (VSLF135)