Skinks Iguana

Skinks Iguana

Formerly of the Vipers
Date of Birth
June 7, 2009
Petra and Flash
Lizzy, Hiss, Gecko and Komodo
VVRF0013, VVRP014, VVRM015, VVRF016, VVRF021 and VVRM022
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Vipers


Skinks(VIGF008) was born on July 7, 2009 in the Iguana Mob. Her mother was Petra and her father was Phillepe the dominant couple o the Iguana at the time. She was born in a large litter of five, her litter-mates were her one sister named Lizzy(VGIF005) and three brothers named Hiss(VIGM006), Gecko(VIGM007) and Komodo(VIGM009). The Iguana was a young small mob with few adults however the five pups survived their first few months. Sadly Philleppe died leaving Shinks's unlce Busta as the new dominant male till a Commando male named Flash joined the group and became the new dominant male. Shinks and her litter-mates reach adulthood. Skinks never produced any surviving litters in the Iguana staying on her mother's good side. In December 2010, Petra sadly died and her older sister Mamba became the dominant female. Soon Skinks was evicted by her sister along with her sister Lizzy and younger half sister Irizima in early 2012.


The three evicted females trailed the group for a few days before they met up with some Warthog rovers and formed their own group known as the Vipers. Skinks' didn't compete for domiancne even though she was one of the oldest females. Her litter-mate siter Lizzy took the position of dominant female with one of the males named Lavern. Irizima was already pregnant and soon gave birth to two pups. Lizzy soon gave birth to a litter of pups. Skinks didn't challange her sister for dominance and helped out with her pups. Skinks aborted her litter in June 2012 and she started to show signs of being in Janaury 2013, and gave birth on Febaury 25, 2013 to Skinks gave  VVRF0013, VVRP014, VVRM015 and VVRF016. In September Lizzy was predated soon after giving birth to her last litter. Skinks was evicted at the time and rejoined the group with the other evicted females. With her sister gone Skinks establised dominance over the mob. Skinks gave birth to VVRF021 and VRVM022 on September 20, 2013. A day after giving birth Irizima rejoined the mob and overthre Skinks. When Irizima was pregnant she evicted Skinks on November 19, 2013 and she disappeared without a trace, and was considered Last Seen.


Iguana Mob

Vipers Mob

Lizzy Iguana

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