Silver Umbra

Silver Umbra

Date of Birth
September 23, 2008
Crystal and Spectra
Known For
Simon and Amber's mother


Silver(VUBF006) was born on September 23, 2008 in the Umbra Mob. Her mother was Crystal and her father was Spectra. She had only one litter-mate brother named Wolf(VUBM005). They were the second litter or pups born in the Umbra and since their mother was the dominant female, they were well looked after. However their chance of survival were slim with so few adults in the group. The two pups survived none the less to their first year. Four days after their birth day, Crystal gave birth to a new litter. Silver was old enough to help out with the pups. Silver was often seen with the pups, babysitting and caring for them. She began to turn into the Umbra's best babysitter. Her mother started to evicted her from the group whenever she was pregnant, but Silver was always the first to rejoin and babysit. Her brother also started to rove. Silver stayed in the Umbra mob till she was evicted in November 2010 along with her sisters Wolfgirl and Danielle.


The females teamed up with five rovers from the Raptors and formed the Werewolves Mob. Wolfgirl and Tyron took up dominance however all the females became pregnant. Only Silver gave birth to a successful litter on Janaury 28, 2011 to four pups named Simon, Paul, Amber and Riki. Silver was unable to produce another litter after this one. In August Silver aborted her second litter. Then in April 2012 she aborted her third litter. In August she was evicted and disappeared. Silver was Last Seen on August 11, 2012.


Umbra Mob

Werewolves Mob

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