Sherry Incas
Yes of the Incas
Date of Birth
First Seen on July 30, 2008
Maybe Jenny and Samson
Ellen, Tosh, Opra, London, Carol, Solomon, Fran, etc...etc...
Known For
Over throwing Vicky and the new dominant female of the Incas

Sherry(VICF004) was first seen on July 30, 2008 in a wild group with ten members. Two Whiskers male Logan and Orinoco joined the group. Logan became the dominant male and the group was called the Incas. Three females were pregnant already before the Whiskers males joined. Vicky killed Jenny's litter and gave birth to Pablo and Destiny on September 17, 2008. Sherry aborted her litter. Vicky became the dominant female. Vicky kept mating with rovers and she gave birth to Eric, Vanessa and Dallas on February 25, 2009. Orinoco and William went roving and left the group in April 2009 to form the Sun Angels Mob. Vicky was seen mating with a rover named Al Capino from the Baobab. She evicted Jenny, Sherry and Lillian and gave birth Ralph, Anna and John on August 30, 2009. When Sherry rejoined the group and she fought with Vicky and managed to over throw her. Sherry became Logan's new mate and the domiant female of the Incas. She allowed Jenny and Lilian to rejoined the group and evicted Vicky from the group. Sherry gave birth to Ellen, Tosh and Opra on October 18, 2009. Vicky appreared a few tiems then disappeared then later was found dead on March 12, 2010. Sherry gave birth to London, Carol, Solomon and Fran on April 22, 2010. Sherry became pregnant again and evicted Jenny, Lillian, Katie and Tilly from the group. They formed a new one. She gave birth to three pups in September 2010.


Mate: Logan

Second litter born on October 18, 2009 fathered by Logan

Ellen (VUCF022) Still Alive, in the Incas

Tosh (VICM023) Still Alive, in the Incas

Opra (VICF024) Still Alive, in the Incas

Third litter born on April 22, 2010 fathered by Logan

London (VICM025) Still Alive, in the Incas

Carol (VICF026) Still Alive, in the Incas

Solomon (VICM027) Still Alive, in the Incas

Fran (VICF028) Still Alive, in the Incas

Fourth litter born on September 2010 fathered by Logan

VICP029 Still Alive, in the Incas

VICP030 Still Alive, in the Incas

VICP031 Still Alive, in the Incas


Incas Mob

Logan Whiskers

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