Shelly Cobras

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Yes of the Pythons
Date of Birth
First Seen: January 16, 2009
First Seen with Tasmin and Suzie
Austin and Monty
Gorky Cobras, Carmel Cobras, Jabba Cobras, Shopkeeper Pythons, Mr. Eric Pythons, Spiny Pythons and Pepperpots Pythons etc...etc...
Known For
First dominant female of the Pythons


Wild[edit | edit source]

&nbsp Shelly(VCAF005) was first seen on January 2009 but she was born in a wild group most likely in 2007. She survived to adulthood and was evicted along with Tasmin and Suzie. The females soon joined some rovers and formed a new group.

Cobras[edit | edit source]

The new group was called the Cobras Mob. Tasmin took the roll of dominant female. Wild male Butch took the roll of dominant male. Shelly and Suzie's pups were both killed by Tasmin. Shelly wasn't allowed to have pups of her own. She was evicted she she mated with a rover. In August Butch died and Indiana Jones took dominance. Shelly wasn't able to take dominance from Tasmin. In September she was seen mating with a rover named Austin. This time Tasmin allowed Shelly to stay in the group since she wasn't pregnant herself. Shelly gave birth on Gorky, Carmel and Jabba on November 13, 2009. They were her first litter ever. Shelly was evicted in January 2010 along with Sauzie. They didn't rejoin the group.

Pythons[edit | edit source]

The two females joined three wild males to form the Pythons. Wild male Monty won dominance over the other two males. Shelly and Suzie competed for the roll of dominant female. Shelly won and she now was able to have more pups of her own. On March 22, 2010 Shelly gave birth to Mr. Eric, Shopkeeper, Pepperpots and Spiny. All four pups survived. In May Suzie over threw Shelly and became the dominant female. Suzie gave birth to four pups. In October Shelly overthrew Suzie and became the dominant female again. She evicted Suzie from the group and gave birth to three pups on December 26, 2010. Suzie was found dead leaving Shelly with no rivals in the group. Shelly is still the dominant female of the Pythons today.

Family[edit | edit source]

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Sister: Suzie

Mates: Austin and Monty

First litter born on November 13, 2009 fathered by Austin

Gorky (VCAM015)

Carmel (VCAF016)

Jabba (VCAF017)

Second litter born on March 22, 2010 fathered by Monty

Spiny (VPYM004)

Mr. Eric (VPYM005)

Shopkeeper (VPYF006)

Peperpots (VPYF007)

Third litter born on December 26, 2010 fathered by Monty




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