This is a movie on Shakespeare's life, from when he was a helpless pup to a brave warrior, till he dreamed of saving the mob till his last battle. Shakespeare: The Movie.

1: Birth[edit | edit source]

Meerkats crowded around the female who was suckling three young pups. The biggest male snarled at them as they edged to get a close look at the pups. The female smiled with joy.

"The female's name is Mozart. The oldest male's name is Fred." The female said, smiling.

"What about the other male?" A young male said.

The female stares at the very tiny limp body. "He's dead." She chocked out. The crowd gasped. The tiny male was limp and lifeless.

"If only," The female whispered, touching her nose to the male.

Then, a twitch.

Then, a squeal.

The male was alive.

The crowd cheered. The female and the male smiled looking at each other.

"What a miracle!"

"Such a brave little meerkat!"

"He's the smallest but strongest of the litter."

"What's it's name?"

The female and male stares at their son.


2: The Awakening[edit | edit source]

Shakespeare followed hi siblings as they made their way towards the entrance of the burrow.

"I wanna be first!" He said! Shoving his sister and brother.

"We can all be first," The ever so gentle Mozart said. Fred shoved her.

"No! I'm the oldest. So I should!" He growled. Shakespeare rolled his eyes. But I'm gonna be braver!

"Hurry up and come out!" Complained Tosca, Shakespeare's 4 month old sister.

"We're tryin-Ahh!" Shakespeare gasped as a young male grabbed his scruff, bringing him to the light. He gasped at its beauty. It was amazing.

Soon, his brother and sister emerged. Their parents, Flower and Zaphod, watched the proudly as they played.

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