Sexy Scurrie Elveera
Elveera, Nomads, Servals
Of the Servals
Date of Birth
October 2001
Eleusine and Dante
France Man, Kalahari Girl, Kenya, Muljane, and Rwenzori
Snapper and Dodger
Penfold Elveera, Pinky Elveera, Sage Nomads, Pebbles Nomads, Penny Nomads, etc...
Known For
First and long term dominant female of the Servals.

Sexy Scurrie (VEF065) was born in October 2001 in the Elveera Mob. Her mother was Eleusine and her father was Dante. Sexy Scurrie was born with her littermates France Man, Kalahari Girl (VEF061) , Kenya, , and Rwenzori, all four survived to adulthood. In March 2004, Sexy Scurrie gave birth to Penfold and Pinky, both pups were allowed to live by Eleusine. Then In October 2004, Sexy Scurrie was evicted with Kalahari Girl and Dr. Kimble (VZZF017), they didn't rejoin the group.


Six months later in March 2005, the females reappeared with a Drie Doring Male, a Frisky male, and nine pups. Kalahari Girl had assumed female dominance while Gernet took male dominance. Kalahari Girl, Sexy Scurrie, and Dr. Kimble were pregnant, but Sexy Scurrie's litter of three was the only ones that survived. Later on in November 2006, Sexy Scurrie and Dr. Kimble were evicted and they didn't rejoin the Nomads.


The two females joined with two wild males that had been living in the Jackals. Sexy Scurrie was older and she easily beat Dr. Kimble into submission and took female dominance while Snapper took male dominance. The two ruled together for sometime before Snapper was predated and Dodger became her new mate. Sexy Scurrie and Dodger are still the dominant pair today.


Mother: Eleusine Elveera

Father: Dante Elveera

Sister: Kalahari Girl

Siblings: France Man, Muljane, Kenya, and Rwenzori

Mate(s): Snapper, then Dodger

Sons: Penfold, Sage, Pebbles etc.

Daughters: Pinky, Penny etc.

Known OffspringEdit

Sexy Scurrie's son Penfold left the Elveera with his grandfather Dante after Eleusine's death. He helped formed the Invaders. Her second daughter Penny took dominance of the Nomads after Kalahari Girl died but her reign was cut short when Kalahari Girl's daughter, Silk Stockings ousted her. Her son Macavity has taken dominance of the Heartbreakers beside Bloody Valentine and her son Rum Tum Tugger becomes the dominant male after Darkness and Sark of the Jackals die during the fire.