Sebastian Hoppla

Sebastian Hoppla

Date of Birth
October 12, 2008
Known For
First Born pup in the Hoppla

Sebastian(VHPM006) was born on October 12, 2008 in the Hoppla Mob. His mother was the dominant female Vedra and his father was the dominant male J. Alfred Prufrock. He was born with no litter-mates, he was a signal pup. His mother had evicted the four surbordinate females VHPF001, VHPF003, VHPF004 and VHPF005 who all left the group leaving her as the only female still in the Hoppla. Sebastian was babysat by the three subrodinate Lazuli males who had hepled his father form the Hoppla. Vedra was from a wild mob before she joined the five Lazuli males along with four other wild females. One of the Lazuli males had already left the group in October the same month Sebastian was born. The next month after Sebastian was born, two new wild females appeared at the group and were seen following the Hoppla. Vedra in much need of a some female babysitters so allowed the two wild females to join the Hoppla. Sebastian emerged and started to forage with the group. The following month Vedra was predated by a jackal on December 6, 2008. One of the wild females Lickerish took the role of dominant female of the Hoppla beside Sebastian's father. Sebastian survived to a year of age and he started to babysit and keep guard duty while foraging. He soon started to rove at a year and a half with Bernard, Bish and Bosh, the three subordinate Lazuli males in Janaury 2010. Sebastian is still in the Hoppla today.


Hoppla Mob

J. Alfred Prufrock Lazuli

Vedra Hoppla

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