Scrutney Gippo Young Ones

Scrutney Gippo Young Ones

Formally of the Young Ones
Date of Birth
December 16, 2005
Asterix and Alexander
Tammy, Kevin, Issac, VYP163, VYP164, VYP165 and VYP166
Known For
Fifth dominant female of the Young Ones

Scruntey Gippo(VYF133) was born on December 16, 2005 in the Young Ones. Her mother was Asterix and her father was Alexander. She was born with one litter-mate sister named Foxymoron(VYF132). They survived to adulthood. Asterix had evitced most of the females. Soon the group was down to just Asterix, Alexander, Lottle, Weena, Bungle, Serge, Jeffery, Homestar Runner, Philippe and Scruntey Gippo. Weena and Bungle went roving and left the group. Asterix died and Lottle became the new dominant female. Alexander soon died and Hoemstar Runner ebcame the dominant male. Serge and Jeffery went roving and whiel they were gone, four wild males joined the group. they kicked out Homestar Runner and Philippe. However the four wild males soon left the group and joined five wild females. Homestar Runner, Philippe, Serge and Jeffery rejoined the group. Lottle gave birth to Martle, Kenny, Lenny and Stan on June 16, 2008. She then gave birth to Plux, Lewis, Hannah and VYP149 on October 26, 2008. Scruntey Gippo gave birth to Kevin, Issac and Tammy on March 21, 2009. They were her first litter ever. A Frisky male named Allegro joined the group and became the dominant male. Lottle started to evicted Scruntey Gippo from the group now that there were other adult females to babysit her pups. Scruntey Gippo always rejoined the group and was seen to be very submisive to her sister. Lottle evicted Scutney Gippo and Martle and gave birth to Anna, Jimmy and Bill on June 17, 2009. The two females rejoined the group. She however was evicted in October and Lottle gave birth to Loony, Walter, Muppy and Charles on November 7, 2009. Scruntey Gippo got pregnant and gave birth but her litter was killed by Lottle who was also pregnant. On April 14, 2010 Lottle gave birth to three pups. Lotte wa spredated in June and Scruntey Gippo was able to take dominance. She gave birth to her second litter on August 15, 2010 to four pups. Scruntey Gippo was sadly found dead in December  2012.


Mother: Asterix

Father: Alexander

Sister: Foxymoron

Mate: Allegro

Fistr litter born on October 26, 2008 fathered by unknown

Kevin (VYM150)

Issac (VYM151)

Tammy (VYF152)

Third litter born on August 15, 2010 fathered by Allegro





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