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Blooper, Scooper and Booster
Known For
Born in the first litter of Troopers

Scooster(VTPM002) was born in the Troopers Mob on February 22, 2009. His mother was the new dominant female Yara and his father was the new dominant male Nugget. His litter-mates were his sister Blooper(VTPF001) and two brothers Scooper(VTPM003) and Booster(VTPM004). They were the first litter ever born in the Troopers. The new group had just formed in December 2008 when his parents teamed up. His mother and father had just been dominance for three months. His aunt Sera often gave his mother trouble but she retained her dominance. Scooster and his silbings survived their first few weeks. A month after the pups were born the Barbarians, led by Yara's older half sister Beatrice and Nugget's uncle Baker, raided the burrow. Scooster's aunt Kili was babdysitting that day and kept the Barbarians away from the pups while the rest of the Troopers returned. The Troopers had more adults meerkats, nine in total, while the Barbarians who were also a new group had only eight adults. The Troopers chased away the Barbarians and save the pups. Not long after that Sera gave birth to Shear, Sammy, Samantha and Seanon May 21, 2009. The group had been thirdteen members strong and now the rose to seventeen. Yara gave birth to Punker, Gothic, Darka and Darko on October 31, 2009. Booster got some new younger siblings. Yara evicted Sera, Kili and Choand gave birth to three pups in March 20, 2010. His aunts rejoined the group but soon left and formed the Warriors Mob. In August Yara gave birth to six pups! Scooster by then was a year old and started to babysit. He went roving ones with his uncles Juno, Marico, Sabota and Savuka and litter-mate brother Booster but returned to the group with days. He is still in the Troopers today.



Father: Nugget

Sister: Blooper

Brothers: Booster and Scooter

Grandmothers: Rocket Dog and Zorilla

Grandfathers: Homestar Runner and Jogu


Troopers Mob

Yara Commandos

Booster Troopers

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