Scavengers Mob

Scavengers Mob

Date of Forming
August 16, 2008
Scat, George, Frill, Beowulf, Meladi and Cyrone
Dominant Female(s)
Scat, Frill and Kurapika
Dominant Male(s)
George and Pablo
Current Dominant Female
Current Dominant Male
Number of Members
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)

The Scavengers Mob was formed by Doppelganger females who were in the Raptors, One Elveera male and two Vivian males.

Dominant PairEdit

When the group first formed Scat the oldest femal took the role of dominant female along with George. Frill over threw Scat and became the new dominant female. After George died, Pablo took the role of dominant male beside Frill. She only remained the dominant female for a few more months than died of diseas. Her daughter Kurapika took over as the new dominant female.

Members as of December 2009Edit

Kurapika (VSCF008) Dominant Female

Pablo (VSCM001) Dominant Male

Tyrone (VSCM002)

Austin (VSCM004)

Gon (VSCM006)

Killua (VSCF007)

Leorio (VSCM009)

Cheetu (VSCF010)

Leol (VSCF011)

Zazan (VSCM012)

Chrollo (VSCM013)

Kuroro (VSCM014)










All Known MembersEdit

Scat (VDGF005)

George (VEF106)

Frill (VDGF008)

Beowulf (VVM140)

Melodi (VDGF010)

Cyrano (VVM141)

Wippy (VRTF005)

Parah (VRTPF006)

Pablo (VSCM001)

Tyrone (VSCM002)


Austin (VSCM004)

Tasha (VSCF005)

Gon (VSCM006)

Killua (VSCF007)

Kurapika (VSCF008)

Leorio (VSCM009)

Cheetu (VSCF010)

Leol (VSCF011)

Zazan (VSCM012)

Chrollo (VSCM013)

Kuroro (VSCM014)





The Scavenger's main rivals are the Raptors. Their new rivals are the Babylonians Mob who were formed by Scavenger females.


August 2008: Scat, Frill and Meladi joined George, Beowulf and Cyrano. Scat and George are the dominant pair.

September 2008: One encounter with Raptors. Scat, Frill and Meladi were all pregnant.

October 2008: Scat and Frill lost their litter. Meladi gave birth to Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Austin and Tasha.

November 2008: Frill over threw Scat and became the dominant female.

December 2008: Frill was pregnant. She evicted Scat.

January 2009: Wippy and Parah joined the group. Frill gave birth to Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio.

February 2009: Scat rejoined the group.

March 2009: One encounter with a Raptors

April 2009: Frill was pregnant. She evicted Scat.

May 2009: Frill gave birth to Cheetu, Leol, Zazan, Chrollo and Kuroro.

June 2009: One encounter with Raptors.

July 2009: Scat died from predation.

August 2009: Beowuld anf Cyrano left the group.

September 2009: Frill was pregnant. She evicted Meladi, Wippy and Pahar.

October 2009: Frill gave birth to three pups.

November 2009: One encounter with Raptors. Meladi was Last Seen.

December 2009: Two encounters with Raptors

January 2010: One encounter with the Terrans.

February 2010: Pablo wnet roving at the Mutants.

March 2010: George died, Pablo took dominance. Frill was pregnant with George's last litter and evicted Wippy, Pahar, Tasha, Uniqua. One encounter with Terrans.

April 2010: Frill gave birth to two pups. The evicvted females joined Mutant males and formed a new group called the Babylonians.

May 2010: One encounter with Raptors.

June 2010: Cheetu was pregnant.

July 2010: Frill died of disease, Kurapika took female dominance. Cheetu gave birth to four pups.

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