Sam Embers
Wind and Embers Mob
Formerly of the Embers
Date of Birth
First Seen: June 2,2009
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Embers


Sam(VEMF001) was First Seen on June 2, 2009 but she was born in a wild group. Her parents were probably the dominant pair. It is unknow how many litter-mates she had. She was evicted around the age of three or four along with Diana, Terra, Lella and Jerri. They joined some wild rovers and formed a new groupd.


The new group was called the Embers which was one of the first followed groups ever in the World Meerkat Project. Sam became tej first dominant female along with Santa as the dominant male. Sam gave birth to VEMF011, Maddie and Danny on . The next month Diana challanged Sam for the dominant female position. Sam won the fight and held on to her status as the dominant female but her wound on her face became infected. The next month Sam started to show signs of disease and she became weak. Diana saw this and attacked Sam agian. This time Sam was too weak to hold on to the dominant female position and she lost the fight. Diana became the new dominant female. Sam died the next month on November 14, 2009 after being the dominant female for three months. VEMF011 was predated two months later leaving only Danny and Maddie as her only surviving children. Her son Danny became the dominant male of the Johnny 13 Mob. Her duaghter Maddie later overthrew Diana and became the dominant female of the Embers today.


Embers Mob

Maddie Embers

Danny Embers

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