Sahara Kalabari


Yes of the Sun Angels
Date of Birth
October 26, 2004
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Sun Angels


Sahara(VKBF007) was born on October 26, 2004 in the Kalabari. Her mother was Panthera and her father was Professor Clay. Her litter-mates were her brother Sicily(VKBM005) and her sister Sierra(VKBF006). They were the second litter born in the Kalabari. They survived to adulthood. On March 23, 2005 Panthera gave birth to another litter. Sahara and her siblings were no longer the pups of the Kalabari. Her new siblings were Zak, Trey, Foxtrot and Johnny. On July 29, 2005 Panthera gave birth again to De Vinci, Galilei, Curie and Hubble. Sahara was almost a year old. Sahara started to babysit her mother's pups and take sentry duties. She stayed in the group for most of her ealy life. The group slint and formed a new mob. Amazon took female dominance of the new group. Sahara was the oldest female under Amazon. She stayed in that group for year then she was evicted with Foxtrot and Curie.

Sun AngelsEdit

The females then teemed up with Orinoco and William and form a new group called the Sun Angels Mob. Sahara took female dominance of the new group along with Orinoco as dominant male. On July 16, 2009 Sahara gave birth to Tago, Tigris, Nile and Colorado. On January 26, 2010 Sahara gave birth to Congo, Thames and Parana. On April 14, 2010 Sahara gave birth to Jonesy, Wyatt, Nikki, Jen, Jude and Caitlin. Six pups in all! In July 2010 Sahara was pregnant again. Orinoco and Sahara ares till the dominant pair.


Mother: Panthera

Father: Professor Clay

Sister: Sierra

Brother: Sicily

Mate: Orinoco


First litter born on July 16, 2009 fathered by Orinoco

Orinoco and Jude

Orinoco and Jude

Tago (VSAM001)

Tigris (VSAF002)

Nile (VSAM003)

Colorado (VSAM004)

Second litter born on January 26, 2010 fathered by Orincoco

Congo (VSAM007)

Thames (VSAM008)

Parana (VSAF009)

Third litter born on April 14, 2010 fathered by Orinoco

Jonesy (VSAM010)

Wyatt (VSAM011)

Nikki (VSAF013)

Jen (VSAF014)

Jude (VSAM015)

Caitlin (VSAF016)


Kalabari Mob

Sun Angels Mob

Orinoco Whiskers

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