The Sadness Mob when it first formed

Blueberry the first dominant female

Liam the first dominant male.


The Sadness Mob was a mob formed on July 15, 2007. The founders of the mob were Blueberry, Big Red, Latin, and one male named Liam. The three females come from the Topaz Mob and the male is from unknown origins. Blueberry was the oldest female and quickly established herself as the dominant female. Due to being such a small mob they couldn't fight off bigger mobs and they couldn't get an established territory. Their first burrows that they stayed in actually belonged to the Bikini Bottom. The family was caught in one of the burrows and was pinned down. Luckily an incoming storm drove the Bikini Bottom away and the Sadness Mob was safe. In September of that year Blueberry gave birth to a single pup, named Arizona. And in December she gave birth to two pups: Cecilia and Baton Rouge. In March of 2008 Blueberry gave birth to one pup named Palin but after four weeks she was predated. In June, Blueberry gave birth to another litter of two pups: Canyon and Marijoanna. Liam and Blueberry both contracted TB and died in February of 2009 only three days apart of each other. Big Red became the dominant female and Arizona became the dominant male but he never showed any interest in mating with Big Red. One day a roving male from the Bikini Bottom, Argonaut, came near the family and was able to mate with Big Red. Big Red gave birth to two pups: Bus Busty and Walk Walker in November. That was her only litter of the year. She gave birth to three pups: Pongo, Yorkie, and Tim T. These pups had an unknown father. Big Red gave birth again to two pups: Time and Space, once again fathered by an unknown rover. Latin and Big Red were predated in that same year. That meant all of the original four founders were dead. Cecilia became the dominant female but never produced a single litter in her five year reign as dominant female. However Marijoanna, Bus Busty, and Time all gave birth in order to keep the groups numbers up. Cecilia died due to TB on January 29, 2016. The current dominant female is Bus Busty and the number of family members is 23.


Dominant Female: Bus Busty (VSAF004)

Dominant Male: Arizona (VSAM002)

Baton Rouge (VSAM003)

Canyon (VSAM004)

Walk Walker (VSAM005)

Pongo (VSAM006)

Yorkie (VSAM007)

Tim T (VSAM008)

Space (VSAM009)

Time (VSAF005)
















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