Rum Lazuli

Rum Lazuli

Yes of the Pirates
Date of Birth
August 25, 2008
Caroline and Rhogan Josh
Eggi, Hen and Muck
Jack Sparrow, Will and Elizabeth
Known For
First dominant female of the Pirates


Rum(VLF142) was born in the Lazuli on August 25, 2008. Her mother was Caroline and her father was Rhogan Josh. Rum had three litter-mates; her brother Eigg (VLM141), and her two sisters Muck(VLF143) and Hen (VLF144 ). Young became dominance female after Aretha died. Five Whiskers males emigrated into the group. Machu Pichu took male dominance but he was recovering from and snake bit. Wollow his nephew who was at least two years younger than him ousted him from the dominant male position. Machu Pichu and Rhogan Josh later left the Lazuli and formed he PK Mob with Beebop. Axel left with Stop It. Rum and her litter-mates survived to adulthood. She was often evicted from Lazuli by Young. Rum left the group with two other females, her cousins, Bernie and Sammy Jo in mid 2010 and joined two Baobab males. They soon teamed up with one Aztecs male who was join in the Underdog.


They stayed togather and formed the Pirates. Rum was the oldest females so she won dominance of the group alogn with Aztecs male Piglet. She was seen mating with him on the first day. She then gave birth on October 7, 2010 to three pups named Jack Sparrow, Elizibeth and Will. They were Rum's first litter ever. All three pusp survived and started to forage with the adults. Then on November 13, 2010 Sammy Jo gave birth to three more pups. Rum abandon the pups but Sammy Jo, however, moved all the pups along with the help of Baobab male Fatty MacFat to the new burrow. Rum made no more attends to kill the pups and allowed them to live. Rum is still the dominant female of the Pirates along with Piglet.


Mother: Caroline

Father: Rhogan Josh

Brother: Eggi

Father: Hen and Muck

Mate: Piglet

Children: Jack Sparrow, Will and Elizabeth


Lazuli Mob

Pirates Mob

Piglet Aztecs