Ruffian was born on May 17, 2010 in the Jackals Mob. Her mother was Darkness (VJKF023) who was the dominant female and her father was Sark (VJKM037), the dominant male. Ruffian was the youngest of four pups, her two sisters Night Cloud (VJKF042), Deadly Nightshade (VJKM043) and her brother Foxglove (VJKM044). All four survived to adulthood and was Darkness' second litter. Ruffian was the third unique meerkat in the group, she was born black with dark brown undertones with a light brown muzzle, a white spot on her forehead and one white foot.

Dominant FemaleEdit

Darkness' Reign (Feature the Whiskers)Edit

Ruffian appears as a nine month old teenage female when the Jackals come across a unknown mob on their land, she is seen pinning down Juno while her aunt Skunk (really Maple) chases Rita off. Later on Ruffian appears in a splinter group and fights Rocket Dog while her younger sisters, Zira (Zenyatta) and Rachel (Rachel Alexandra) fight Wiley Kat and Rita.

When her mother dies in the fire, Ruffian takes dominance beside her father and is shown to be at odds with her two sisters (mistakenly described as her littermates).

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